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Malacca Eat: Low Yong Moh Restaurant (荣茂茶室) Traditional Dim Sum @ Melaka Old Town

Located right opposite Kampung Kling Mosque in Melaka Old Town, Low Yong Moh Restaurant (荣茂茶室) serves no-frill traditional dim sum dishes. The restuarant offers early morning risers another option for old-taste local food and is popular among locals.

Low Yong Moh Restaurant (荣茂茶室)

The restaurant serves a wide range of Cantonese dim sums, steamed buns, porridge, etc, with beverages. Hot Chinese tea is the norm to go with dim sums but there are coffee and other beverages too.

Low Yong Moh Restaurant: Steamed dim sum

There is no menu, order food the traditional way — just wait for the waiters to come to the table with their trays of assorted dishes and pick anything that catches the eyes. Create a sumptuous meal and enjoy the food while sipping hot Chinese tea.

Low Yong Moh Restaurant: Dim sum

Braised phoenix claws (chicken feet), with soft skin, is one of my favourite dim sum dishes and I will always try this dish at any dim sum restaurants.

Low Yong Moh Restaurant: braised chicken feet

Another reason for dining at Low Yong Moh Restaurant is the low prices — it is so much cheaper than most dim sum restuarants.


32, Jalan Tukang Emas, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

6am to 11:30am | Closed on Tuesday & Wednesday


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