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  • Rick

My Travel Footprints in Asia (2015 - Present)

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

This is a record of my travels in Asia — day trips and business trips excluded. All my journeys and travel routes were recorded with iPackTravel mobile app (iOS only), which I developed to track my travel destinations — download it free!

The footprints map above was created using the "My Footprints" function in the iPackTravel app.

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I have not been travelling far and wide than I wanted to be, but it is a matter of what I want to achieve more than reaching the far corners. Nevertheless, I will still want to see the whole world in my lifetime. I will keep building this list with my journeys to see the world that I live in.

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— YEAR 2015 —

April '15 — Ipoh, West Malaysia

Period: April 2015 (4 days)