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My Travel Footprints in Asia (2015 - Present)

This is a record of my travels in Asia — day trips and business trips excluded. All my journeys and travel routes were recorded with iPackTravel mobile app (iOS only), which I developed to track my travel destinations — download it free!

The footprints map above was created using the "My Footprints" function in the iPackTravel app.

I have not been travelling far and wide than I wanted to be, but it is a matter of what I want to achieve more than reaching the far corners. Nevertheless, I will still want to see the whole world in my lifetime. I will keep building this list with my journeys to see the world that I live in.

— YEAR 2015 —

April '15 — Ipoh, West Malaysia

Period: April 2015 (4 days)

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October '15 — Northern Taiwan

Period: October 2015 (12 days) Expenses: SGD 2,225 Places: Taipei, Keelung, Yeliu Geopark, Jiufen, Hualien #Taiwan

December '15 - Pontian Kechil, West Malaysia

Period: December 2015 (2 days)

Remarks: Family trip.

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— YEAR 2016 —

April '16 — Tangerang, Indonesia

Period: April 2016 (19 Days) Remarks: Technically a working trip but long enough to try most of the food there.

May '16 — Eastern China

Period: May 2016 (15 days) Expenses: SGD 1,600 Places: Haikou, Xinxiang (Wanxian Mountain), Nanjing, Hangzhou #China2016

December '16 — Malacca, West Malaysia

Period: December 2016 (3 days)

Expenses: SGD 415

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— YEAR 2017 —

February '17 — Malacca, West Malaysia

Period: February 2017 (5 days)

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July '17 — West Malaysia

Period: July 2017 (13 days)

Expenses: SGD 750

Places: Malacca, Ipoh, Penang, Taiping, Kuala Lumpur, Muar

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— YEAR 2018 —

Got another job and bounded to the desk again...

— YEAR 2019 —

May '19 — Malacca, Malaysia

Period: May 2019 (4 days)

Expenses: SGD 255

Remarks: Back to Malacca again with 3 colleagues.

November '19 — Kinmen, Penghu & Matsu Islands, Taiwan

Period: November 2019 (17 days)

Expenses: SGD 2,118

Places: Xiamen, Kinmen, Penghu, Taichung, Matsu Islands

Remarks: An island-hopping trip that used 6 flights to get to the islands and back.

— YEAR 2020 —

I have just missed the window (June to August) to see the "blue tears" in the Matsu Islands of Taiwan. As of August 2020, I have 27 days of annual leaves and yet there is no place that I can travel to due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And I'm suppose to clear all the leaves by end of this year...

So, I made two plans:

Plan 1: A minimum 2-days staycation somewhere far from my place. To me, 1-day staycation is a waste of time.

Plan 2: Take 1 day leave every week and go around Singapore to check out interesting places that I have not been to yet and also to try the food at Michelin-awarded food stalls and restaurants. I have already started the ball rolling using Michelin Singapore Guide 2019 as reference. #MichelinFoodHunt #Michelin2019

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