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JB Bus Guide: Singapore to Pontian Kechil & Kukup Village, Johor (柔佛.笨珍)

Pontian Kechil and Kukup are both in Pontian District (笨珍) of Johor, to the southern tip of West Malaysia. Geographically, Kukup Fishing Village (龟咯) is nearer to Singapore than Pontian Kechil but when travelling on land, one will have to pass through Pontian Kechil before reaching the small village. This is due to the presence of Pulai River and large areas of mangrove swamp that make direct road link between Kukup Village and Singapore difficult.

The map below gives a general idea on getting to Pontian Kechil, Kukup Village and also Pekan Nanas (along the way) from either Tuas or Woodlands Checkpoint by land transports.

Let's see how to get to the three destinations in Pontian District using Malaysia's public bus network.

From Singapore To Pontian Kechil

To get to Pontian / Kukup Village, take bus services to Pontian Bus Terminal in Pontian Kechil, the capital of Pontian District. For Pekan Nanas, head towards Pontian as well but alight at the little town.

1. Via Woodlands Checkpoint (First Link)

There are two routes to get to Pontian after crossing the border from Singapore.

Route A: Get to Larkin Sentral via Woodlands Checkpoint:

There are a couple of bus services to Pontian Bus Terminal by different bus companies from Larkin Sentral. Pay the fare after boarding the bus at Platform A.

Maju 96

Fare: RM5.40

Journey: 1.5 hours

Operating Time: 5:10am ~ 7:55pm daily

Frequency: 15-30 minutes

myBAS T50

Fare: RM6.20

Journey: 1.5 hours

Operating Time: 6am ~ 10pm daily

Frequency: 30 minutes

Route B: Exit JB CIQ after clearing Malaysia customs and walk to the bus terminal below JB Sentral. Take myBAS services T30 / T31 / T32 (≈ RM2.00) to the bus stop opposite Paradigm Mall (in Skudai), then change to Maju 96 / myBAS T50 at the same bus stop to Pontian Kechil. Using this route, you can plan a stop-over to shop at Paradigm Mall on your way to Pontian or on the way back.

2. Via Tuas (Second Link)

First, take the following Causeway Link bus services in Singapore to cross the border via Tuas Checkpoint to Johor CIQ:

  • Service CW3 from Jurong East MRT Station — exit the station and follow the signs to the Private Bus Pick-up Point located along Venture Avenue.

  • Service CW6 from a bus stop near Boon Lay MRT Station, along Boon Lay Way.

  • Service CW7 from bus stop opposite Tuas Link MRT Station. This service heads to Gelang Patah Terminal and the fare is $4.50.

Note: Although Tuas Checkpoint is within walking distance from Tuas Link Station, walking to the checkpoint is disallowed.

Keep the fare receipts for re-boarding the bus services along the route to Johor CIQ. Between Tuas Checkpoint and Johor CIQ, board any CW3 / CW6 / CW7 services to cross the Second Link.

After clearing Malaysia customs at Johor CIQ, take CW4G / CW7 at Johor CIQ to Gelang Patah Bus Terminal and change to CW4 / 52T to Pontian Bus Terminal — ask the bus driver if unsure.

Note: Service CW4 is available only from Monday to Friday, except public holidays. On weekends and public holidays, Service 52T will operate between Gelang Patah Bus Terminal and Pontian Bus Terminal. The fare is RM4 and takes about 1 hour between the two terminals.

From Pontian Kechil to Singapore

Getting back to Larkin Sentral or JB Sentral is just the reverse but take note of the last-bus timings departing from Pontian Bus Terminal if you are not staying in the town for the night.

Last Bus Timings:

  • Maju 96 → Larkin @ 7.55pm

  • myBAS T50 → Larkin @ 10:00pm

  • 52T → Gelang Patah @ 6:30pm (RM4, weekends & public holidays only)

  • CW4 → Jurong East in Singapore @ 3:00pm (RM8)

Note: Service CW4 does not go all the way to Jurong East in Singapore although the bus fare of RM8 covers the full journey. After arriving at Gelang Patah Terminal, change to CW4S / CW7 to Johor CIQ. Similarly, use CW3 / CW6 / CW7 to cross the Second Link. After clearing Tuas Checkpoint, take CW3 to Jurong East. Keep the fare receipts for re-boarding the bus services along the route.

Between Pontian Kechil & Kukup Village

From Pontian Bus Terminal, take the Pontian-Kukup bus by Kembara City to Kukup Village.

Fare: RM3.00 / pax

Journey: 30 minutes

Schedule: 7:20am, 11am, 2:30pm & 6pm

The bus schedule from Kukup Village back to Pontian Kechil is at 8am, 12pm, 3pm & 6:30pm. Board at the same bus stop where you dropped off in Kukup.


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