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From Singapore to Pontian Kechil & Kukup in Johor (柔佛笨珍)

Updated: May 22

(Updated: 30 June 2019)

Pontian Kechil and Kukup are both in Pontian District (笨珍) of Johor, to the southern tip of West Malaysia. Geographically, Kukup Fishing Village (龟咯) is nearer to Singapore than Pontian Kechil but when travelling on land, one will have to pass through Pontian Kechil before reaching Kukup. This is due to the presence of Pulai River and large areas of mangrove swamp that make direct road link between Kukup and Singapore difficult.

The map below gives a general idea on getting to Pontian Kechil and Kukup from either Tuas or Woodlands Checkpoint by land transports.

Let's see how to get to both destinations using Malaysia's public transport network.

From Singapore To Pontian Kechil

To get around Pontian and to Kukup, take a bus to Pontian Bus Terminal in Pontian Kechil, the capital of Pontian District.

1. Via Tuas 2nd Link

At Jurong East Interchange, take Causeway Link Service CW3/CW4 to Gelang Patah Bus Terminal via Tuas Checkpoint (2nd Link).

Fare: S$4.00

Journey: 30 minutes to 2nd Link

Frequency: 15-20 minutes

Alternatively, head over to Tuas Link Station, take Causeway Link Service CW7 to Gelang Patah Bus Terminal. The fare is the same but it is just 5 minutes to Tuas Checkpoint. Note: Although Tuas Checkpoint is within walking distance from the MRT station, walking to the checkpoint is not allowed.

Keep the receipt for reboarding the bus after Johor CIQ. Take CW4S, CW4G at Johor CIQ to Gelang Patah Bus Terminal. You will need to change to another CW4 or Service 52T to Pontian Bus Terminal — follow the instruction of the bus driver. Service 52T is an additional service operating on weekends and public holidays only.

Fare: RM4.20

Journey: 1 hour to Pontian Bus Termnal

Frequency: Check schedule at

Both CW4 and 52T services operate 4 trips per day at long intervals of at least 2 hours. So, it will be better to use the Tuas route on weekends when the two bus services are operating. Services are very limited on weekdays.

2. Via Woodlands Checkpoint

First, get to Larkin Sentral via Woodlands Checkpoint:

From Singapore to Larkin Terminal in Johor

There are several bus services to Pontian Bus Terminal by different bus companies from Larkin Sentral, but the most regular one is Maju service. Pay the fare after boarding the bus.

Maju Service 96 (via Gate 1 & 2)

Fare: RM5.40

Journey: 1.5 hours

Frequency: 15-30 minutes

Comment: Board at Gate 1

City Bus Route 3

Fare: RM5.40

Journey: 1.5 hours

Frequency: 45-60 minutes

Maju Express

Fare: RM5.30

Journey: 1 hour

Frequency: 10:20am (only 3 buses a day, other timings to be verified)

From Pontian Kechil to Singapore

Getting back to Larkin Sentral or directly to Singapore is just the reverse but take note of the last-bus timings departing from Pontian Bus Terminal if you are not staying in the town for the night.

Last Bus Timings:

1. Maju Service 96 → Larkin: 7.30pm

2. Maju Express → Larkin: 3:30pm

3. CW4 → Jurong East in Singapore: 4:30pm (RM8.00)

4. 52T → CW4 at Gelang Patah → JE in Singapore: 6:30pm (weekends only)

* All timings are subjected to changes by the bus companies.

From Pontian Kechil to Kukup

There are 2 ways to get to Kukup from Pontian Kechil and back.

1. By Kembara City Bus / Bus Muafakat Johor

From Pontian Bus Terminal, take the Pontian-Kukup bus to Kukup Village.

Fare: RM3.10 / pax (fare has gone up a little but the notice board was not updated)

Journey: 30 minutes

Frequency: 1 hour (between 6am to 10pm)

2. By Shared Taxi

Find the shared taxis behind the ticketing counters in Pontian Bus Terminal.

Fare: RM5.00 / pax (max. 4 passengers) or RM20.00 to book the whole taxi

Journey: 20 minutes

From Kukup Back to Pontian Kechil

Getting back by bus is easier than finding people to share a taxi at Kukup as majority of the visitors are on group packages. The bus schedule at Kukup? It's touch and go. As a rough guideline, shift the schedule above by 30 minutes. Board at the same bus stop where you dropped off in Kukup.

What to do in Pontian & Kukup:

A Different Getaway to Pontian & Kukup, Johor

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