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How to Get Better SGD-MYR Exchange Rate

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

How to Get Better SGD-MYR Exchange Rate

This post is about my observations on the currency exchange rates offered by money changers on both side of the Singapore-Johor border. Yes, I am referring to the Singapore dollar (SGD) to Malaysia ringgit (MYR) conversion — not vice versa.

For readers who have been following all my posts, you will know that I cross the border into Malaysia about 2-3 times a month for breathers, try the local food there and shopping. Other than observing the traffic conditions on the Singapore-Johor Causeway to find the best times to cross the border and finding ways to reduce queuing time at the immigration customs, I also monitored the SGD-MYR exchange rate on both sides.

I will share my observations and explain how or where to get better SGD to MYR exchange rate before you begin your holidays in Malaysia. This post is particularly useful for SGD-MYR exchange due to the high fluctuations in the exchange rate since 2015.

Note that even though this post is specifically on SGD and MYR from a Singapore perspective, it can be applied anywhere — take this as an example to gain an understanding on how money exchange works.

First, Understand SGD-MYR Exchange Rate

The Singapore dollar to Malaysia ringgit exchange rate is not a single direct