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Singapore Eat: Big Moustache BBQ Skewers (大胡子串烧) @ Chinatown

Big Moustache BBQ Skewers (大胡子串烧) is a Chinese restaurant located along Temple Street, in the heart of Chinatown. As the name implies, it specialised in grilled food on skewers and serves other Chinese dishes, including Sichuan (麻辣四川) and Northeast cuisines (东北家常菜), as well.

Big Moustache BBQ Skewers (大胡子串烧)

The interior of the restaurant (second floor) is exquisitely decorated with wooden screen partitions. Each of the partitioned "room" is named after an astrological sign.

Big Moustache BBQ Skewers (大胡子串烧) interior

Big Moustache grills a lot of foodstuffs, including chicken, pork, beef, lamb, seafood, vegetables, etc.

Big Moustache BBQ Skewers Menu

We had grilled mutton skewers (烤羊肉串), beef skewers (烤牛肉串), Orleans chicken wings (奥尔良烤翅), cuttlefish (碳烤大鱿鱼), pork belly rolled with enoki mushrooms (五花肉卷金针菇), grilled lamb ribs (烤羊排), mushrooms, potato slices and string beans.

Big Moustache BBQ Skewers grilled foodstuffs

Among our orders of BBQ skewers, the grilled lamb ribs are the most flavourful with spices and not spicy. And the meat is very tender. This is my favourite — and I am not alone.

Big Moustache BBQ Skewers grilled lamb ribs

Apart from grilled skewers, we also tried other dishes.

The Strange Taste Chicken (怪味鸡) looks very similar to the Cantonese sweet & sour pork (咕噜肉) but tastes different. Despite its name, the dish does not have any weird taste but is tasteful and not spicy — it is more "unusual" rather than "strange".

Big Moustache BBQ Skewers Strange taste chicken

The stir-fried shredded potato (炝拌土豆丝) is a cold dish to alleviate the heavier tastes of the grilled food.

Big Moustache BBQ Skewers stir-fried shredded potato

The grilled egg-plant (烤茄子) is topped with a delightful paste and is a nice dish too.

Big Moustache BBQ Skewers grilled egg-plant

Bringing up the rear is the pork & chive dumplings (猪肉韭菜水饺) as staple for the dinner.

Big Moustache BBQ Skewers pork & chive dumplings

Big Moustache BBQ Skewers in Chinatown is the second outlet in Singapore. The main outlet is located in Geylang.


26 Temple Street, Singapore 058571

Opening Hours:

11am to 3am | Daily

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