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Singapore Eat: Botanict (丰之素) Vegetarian Food @ Bukit Batok

Botanict (丰之素) is a vegetarian restaurant in a residential area close to Bukit Batok West Shopping Centre. It serves vegetarian food in stylish and delicious ways — a meat-lover like me is also amazed by their food and is really love on first taste.

Botanict (丰之素)

Botanict is a small and cosy restaurant with few tables in the air-conditioned shop. There are more tables outside the restaurant. Scan the QR codes on the tables to view the most updated menu and order online. There are rice bowls, Korean ramen, dry ramen, pastas, omelettes, faux meat dishes, etc.

Botanict (丰之素)

The Curry Cutlet Rice consists of soya cutlet, corn, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, seaweed atop white rice and curry sauce in a separate sauce dish — I added a sunny side-up. The curry sauce is delightfully flavourful and not very spicy. Add the sauce to the crispy fried soya cutlet and it becomes a bowl of delicious curry rice with fresh and colourful vegetables.

Botanict: Curry cutlet rice

The Nyonya Laksa Pasta is pasta added with Nyonya laksa gravy without making it a soupy dish. Other ingredients are konnyaku (konjac) prawns, straw mushrooms and broccoli. The gravy is rich, smooth and sweet-spicy. After mixing with the sambal belacan chilli, the gravy becomes more flavourful without becoming too spicy. It is a nice and tasty dish.

Botanict is not simply serving vegetarian food. It is creating wonders with vegetarian ingredients and serving them nice and tasteful.

Website / Menu:


Blk 132 Bukit Batok West Ave 6, #01-316, Singapore 650132

Opening Hours:

9:30am to 9pm (Tues start at 11:30am) | Closed on Monday

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