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  • Rick

Singapore Farm Visit: Jurong Frog Farm

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

It was a Saturday when we set foot on Kranji farms in the northwestern corner of Singapore. There were 5 of us on this mini farm tour and Jurong Frog Farm was first on the day's itinerary.

We alighted from Bus Service 975 before the intersection to Lim Chu Kang Lane 6 and walked about 1Km to the frog farm.

Jurong Frog Farm first started in the 1970s for breeding of American bullfrogs in Jurong area. It moved to its current location in Kranji in 1993, occupying some 1.2 hectares, but retained its original name. It is the only frog farm in Singapore and breeds over tens of thousands of froggies. The frogs are farmed for their meat.

The froggy mascot of Jurong Frog Farm was named Gabbe, which donned on white shirt and yellow boots. The farm staff were also dressed in similar attire — a striking resemblance to how Gurmit Singh, a local comedian artiste, was dressed like when casting as Phua Chu Kang in a MediaCorp sitcom called "Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd".

Nearer to the entrance of the farm was the Royal Frog Shop, selling a small range of frozen produces such as frog meat, crocodile meat, fish, venison, etc, and the farm-made hashima dessert. We briefly looked around the shop, placed an order for some food (needed about 30 minutes) and went to check out the froggies before coming back.