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iPackTravel is a one-stop travel companion-app for travellers. Travel functions are built into one app instead of having multiple apps. iPackTravel manages all past, current and upcoming trips using the Travel Cycle concept.


The iPackTravel app is one app with most travel-related modules and works with other apps to provide extended functions. Check out the features in Mobile App.

The five stages of a travel cycle that travellers will go through for all trips. From trip planning to booking flights and hotels, from packing light to travelling with ease, and sharing of travel experience after the trip. Check our list of resources at each stage.


We blog and share our travel experiences. Our articles are written objectively and based on travellers' point of views to give unbiased opinions. Read our blog and make your journeys more worthwhile.

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One app for all travel needs

All travel resources in one app.

Track all past and future journeys.

No network required to access trip data.

No account & password needed.

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