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"TikTok-Worthy" Avery-Day Store opposite KSL City Mall

Updated: 2 days ago

Somebody posted online about a new convenience store opposite KSL City Mall that is "TikTok-worthy". And since I was at KSL City Mall on Vesak Day, a long weekend, I decided to check out the store to see what is so special about it.

First, a quick look at Avery-Day from outside. The store was not there before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, so it is probably less than two years old.

Inter-connected to Avery-Day store is a bakery, named Grab & Go by vburg, which has several outlets in Johor Bahru, West Malaysia.

There are some tables and chairs outside both stores for consuming food and drinks purchased from the stores (No outside food & drinks allowed). More tables are available in the seating area on the upper level under big umbrellas.

Inside Avery-Day, the products on the shelves are mostly imported items from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Thailand, etc, which makes Avery-Day somewhat different from other convenience stores. There are some Malaysia-made local products too. Apart from some varieties of snacks, instant noodles, ice-creams and drinks, buffalo wings, hot dog buns and other hot foodstuffs are available over the counter. Hot water is available for instant noodles and beverages too.

Next, going up the stair to the upper level from inside the store. A glass enclosure around the stair shields the store from rain and keep the cool air within.

The upper-level seating area is in the open air, spacious and simple in concept. It is a nice spot for some quick bites and relaxation.

There is a clean washroom too.

Apart from tables out in the open, there are two more tables in another larger glass enclosure that surrounds the store.

A bird's-eye view of the store below.

I bought a tube of black truffle potato crisps (around RM10), made in Malaysia, which I had not seen in other places... yet. And a bottle of drinking water.

A spiral staircase leads to the ground level in front of the store.

Is Avery-Day TikTok-worthy? Do check it out.

Where is the store situated? It is right opposite the main entrance of KSL City Mall. On Monday nights, the pasar malam (night market) will be right in front of it.

Since it was near to dinner time when I visited the store, I did not have any snacks here. I will probably do that on the next visit with some coffee and relax here.

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