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Malacca Tip: Singapore to Malacca and Return for Just S$20

Will you pay S$64 for two-way coach transfers from Singapore to Malacca and back? Maybe you will out of convenience. But, read on and understand how much you can save if you can travel to Malacca and back by doing it yourself.

How I get S$64? Based on published rates on online booking platforms, the fares from Singapore to Malacca range from S$26 to S$38 depending on pick-up points and types of coach. Two-way fares can be anywhere between S$52~S$76 and the median is around S$64.

Before looking at the cost breakdown, learn how to get to Malacca and back by public buses: Bus Guide: Singapore to Malacca and Return (2022)


#1. Singapore to Larkin Sentral

For those who travelled by SBS Transit 170, the cost will be S$1.55 (with EZ-Link card) or S$2.30 (cash) from Kranji MRT Station. For those who embark at Queen Street using Causeway Link CW2 / Singapore-Johor Express (SJE), the cost will be S$4.80.

Cost: S$1.55 ~ S$4.80

#2. Coach Ticket to Melaka Sentral

Coach fare from Larkin Sentral to Melaka Sentral is around RM19 (for 44-seater) or RM21 (for 27-seater). The "facility charge" at Larkin Sentral is RM1 and insurance is RM0.40.

Cost: RM20.40 ~ RM22.40

#3. Domestic Bus to Malacca Old Town

The fare for Panorama Service 17 from Melaka Sentral to Dutch Square, near Malacca Old Town, is RM2.

Cost: RM2.00

(It might be cheaper to use Grab if there are 2 or more persons in your group but cost is dependent on your destination and if it is peak hours.)

One-Way Cost to Malacca

Total = (S$1.55 ~ S$4.80) + (RM20.40 ~ RM22.40) + RM2.00

(Exchange rate is S$1 : RM3.20 at time of writing)

The total cost worked out to be S$8.55 ~ S$12.43 with median at around S$10.50!


#1. Domestic Bus to Melaka Sentral

The fare for Panorama Service 15 from Melaka Old Town to Melaka Sentral is RM1.20 (Sept 2022). It was RM1.50 for Service 17 in 2019 (not sure if it was revised).

Cost: RM1.20

#2. Coach Ticket to Larkin Sentral

Coach fare from Melaka Sentral to Larkin Sentral is around RM19 (for 44-seater) or RM21 (for 27-seater). The "facility charge" at Melaka Sentral is RM0.70 and insurance is RM0.40.

You may have the choice to take a bus directly to Singapore for RM30 (44-seaters) or more than RM60 (27-seaters and depending on drop-off locations). However, this is not our preferred way to travel as the fare is higher since the destination is in Singapore.

Cost: RM20.10 ~ RM22.10

#3. Take Bus At Larkin Sentral to Singapore

It cost RM2.50 (cash) to take SBS Transit 170 to Kranji Station, RM2.60 to take CWL to Kranji Station or RM4.80 for CW2 / SJE to Queen Street.

Cost: RM2.50 ~ RM4.80

The Return Cost

Total = RM1.20 + (RM20.10 ~ RM22.10) + (RM2.50 ~ RM4.80)

The total cost worked out to be RM23.80 ~ RM28.10 with median at around RM26, which is only S$8.10.

Total Two-Way Costs

Minimum = S$8.55 + RM23.80 = S$16.00

Maximum = S$12.43 + RM28.10 = S$21.21

Median = S$10.50 + S$8.10 = S$18.60

The average total two-way costs from Singapore to Malacca and back is S$18.60 only!

If you start and end the journey at Queen Street and choose the more comfortable 27-seater transfers both ways, the maximum costs worked out to be just S$21 — it's still much cheaper than direct transfers from Singapore and paying in Singapore dollars.

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