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Ipoh Buy: YG Homemade Biscuit (熊记手工饼) Kaya Puffs

YG Homemade Biscuit (熊记手工饼) sells freshly-baked homemade traditional biscuits and has an outlet in Ipoh Old Town. The outlet (a stall) used to be in the Concubine Lane (二奶巷) and has moved into Restoran Two Six (26茶室) along Jalan Panglima. The outlet is managed by an amicable couple.

YG Homemade Biscuit (熊记手工饼)

YG's homemade biscuits include kaya puffs, heong peah, salted egg puffs, various traditional candies like peanut candy, cashew nut candy, etc, and wedding biscuits. The signature biscuit is the kaya puffs that comes with 4 flavours: the classic original, pandan, peanut and butter. Every batch is freshly-baked on the day.

YG Homemade Biscuit: freshly-baked kaya puffs

The kaya puff has a pleasant taste that is not too sweet and the layered crust crumbles easily in the mouth and not chewy — almost like disappeared. It is really nice!

YG Homemade Biscuit: cut kaya puff

I have tried the original, butter and pandan flavours and will try other or new flavours next time. There are also the salted egg puffs and wedding biscuits to buy and take home.


26, Jalan Panglima, Ipoh, 30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

9am to 3pm (Sat & Sun till 4pm) | Daily


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