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JB Cafe: August Drip Coffee (八月咖啡工作室) @ Taman Century

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"This is a workshop more than a cafe." said the lady who was roasting some coffee beans in the cafe. Yes, August Drip Coffee (八月咖啡工作室) is a great place for coffee-lovers to interact, exchange coffee knowledge, and enjoy wonderful coffees together.

August Drip Coffee is located right beside Restoran Haobi (好比鸭王), a restaurant for herbal roasted duck, along Taman Century. The cozy cafe is about two years old, having opened for business just two months before the pandemic — so it is a relatively new cafe to most people who can't travel to Johor Bahru during the pandemic.

The cozy cafe has a coffee-roaster in one corner with large sacks of coffee beans from different regions.

The cafe-workshop's primary objective is to roast various types of coffee beans for sales. They imported over 70 types of coffee beans from over the world. Having a cup of pour-over coffee at the cafe is a great way to try the different flavours before getting the coffee beans.

The lady (I should get her name next time) is hand-brewing, or dripping, the coffee for customers. There are various types of coffee filters, including V60, for brewing different types of coffee beans to get specific taste characteristics.

These are some of the light-roasted coffee flavours and they are mostly fruity in nature. There are also medium- and dark-roasted types (fuller body) which are more on the slightly bitter side with stronger aromas.

My afternoon coffee on my first visit to August Drip Coffee was one of their hand-brew coffees, Ethiopia Sidamo (RM15), and a homemade Oreo cheese cake (RM13.90) that I picked from the glass shelf.

Before brewing the coffee, the lady ground the coffee beans and brought it to me to let me had a whiff of its peachy aroma — it was not a faint smell but quite prominent. After a while, the coffee was served. It had a light reddish colour to it.

I enjoyed the fruity coffee — breathing in the aroma before taking each sip — that was neither too sour nor bitter and no sugar needed. The Oreo cheese cake was made with soft and creamy cheese. It was really good to go with coffee. The cheery lady (I forgot her name) who made the great cakes was also a staff in the cafe.

On my second visit, I tried the Yunnan (Red Wine in the Sun, RM25) coffee beans that were naturally sun-dried and treated in used red wine barrels. To experience different flavours (varying degrees of acidity and red-wine aroma) of the Yunnan coffee beans at different temperatures, I was given another glass with a piece of ice to cool the just-brewed hot coffee. It was really interesting — not to mention that I was drinking (red wine) coffee as though it was whiskey.

Other types of coffee that I have tried includes Kenya Kiriniaga (light-roast), Yunnan Red Wine in the Sun (medium-roast), Ethiopia Sidamo (medium-roast), etc.

I visit the cafe quite often to try more of their hand-brew coffees, to gain more knowledge about the coffee beans and learn how to brew them. August Drip Coffee is really a great starting place for beginners in handbrew coffee — like me. Oh, basic V60 brewing kits and filter papers are available for sales here.

Visit the cafe or order their roasted coffee beans online:


August Drip Coffee (八月咖啡工作室)

2, Jalan Kancil, Taman Century, 80250 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

Mon - Tues: 10am to 6pm

Wed - Thur: 10am to 9pm

Fri - Sun: 10am to 10pm

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