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JB Eat: Fang Fang Guilin Bee Hoon (芳芳桂林米粉) @ KSL City Mall

In the basement (level B1) of KSL City Mall, there is a Glutton Food Street (贪吃街) with multiple food stalls selling some interesting food fares. Among these stalls is one stall named Fang Fang Gui Lin Bee Hoon (芳芳桂林米粉) selling the specialty rice vermicelli of Guilin, China. It is very rare to find Guilin rice vermicelli in Singapore and maybe in Malaysia too.

I was last in Guilin about 10 years ago, in 2012, and had tried the local Guilin rice vermicelli and also the local's version of the vermicelli with horse meat (马肉桂林米粉). I really miss the tasty noodles and is excited to find Fang Fang in KSL City Mall — I don't expect the stall to serve horse meat though.

The original Guilin Vermicelli (桂林米粉) with beef slices, tofu puffs and egg. The vermicelli soup was also topped with chilli and pickled chopped string beans — a characteristic of the Guilin vermicelli. The sour-spicy flavour tasted similar to the ones I tried in Guilin. It was nostalgic.

The "Three Cow Treasures" Guilin Vermicelli (牛三宝桂林米粉) with tender beef, tripes and tendons.

The Dried Braised Beef Guilin Vermicelli (干捞卤牛肉桂林米粉) with slices of salty braised beef, peanuts, dried chilli powder and the usual pickled string beans.

This braised beef dish (凉拌卤牛肉) is a cold dish.

There are still tons of dishes to try at this little stall, especially for those who like Chinese food.



Fang Fang Gui Lin Bee Hoon (芳芳桂林米粉)

KSL City Mall, Glutton Food Street (Same level as Lotus's supermarket)

Opening Hours:

10am ~ 10pm | Daily


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