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JB Cafe: Space Cafe @ Taman Century (Hotel Holiday Villa)

Next to KSL City Mall, on the ground floor of Holiday Villa Johor Bahru City Centre (or Hotel Holiday Villa), a relatively new cafe, called Space Cafe, opened its door during the pandemic. The cafe is about space — not outer space in the galaxy but more spacious.

The cafe uses simple decorations and the tables are placed rather far apart, making the cafe looked spacious.

Space Cafe serves several types of special coffee that may not be available elsewhere. On the colourful menu for their signature coffees, the caramel cinnamon cafe latte and mocha fantasy are hot coffees while the others are cold. Pick a coffee that attracts you and order at the bar counter.

Apart from their unique coffees, Space Cafe also serves espresso-based coffees like cappuccino and lattes and non-caffeine beverages for those who prefers otherwise. They also serves pour-over coffees — ask the barista for the coffee beans of the day.

For those who self-brew coffees at home, try their specialty blend of Costa Rica, Brazil and Indonesia beans.

Next to the bar counter, a glass shelf housed the pastries that are available. There are several types of croissant, doughnuts, crème brûlée tarts, etc, and are great to go along with coffees.

What I Tried

A hot cup of caramel cinnamon cafe latte (焦糖肉桂咖啡) with a crème brûlée tart. Fresh milk is added to hot coffee brewed from Ethiopia beans and topped with cinnamon powder and melted brown sugar. The cinnamon roll is torched to give off a nice fragrance — use it to stir the coffee or drink with it. A slice of dried apple adds a slight natural sweetness to the latte. It's edible too.

The Orange Americano (非橙勿扰) is concocted by adding fresh orange juice, orange zest and lime milk foam to Ethiopia coffee with a slice of dried orange. The tangy, cold coffee comes with a small glass of the single-origin Ethiopia coffee for trying its original taste — probably Ethiopia Yirgacheffe with floral aroma and medium bodied. The sweet and buttery red bean butter bun is really nice.

The Caramel Biscotti Coffee (焦糖饼干咖啡) looks pretty interesting. Pieces of sweet, crunchy honeycomb-like caramel biscotti are added on top of ice-cold fresh milk and the coffee is placed separately in a glass pourer. Pour the coffee on the biscotti and stir to dissolve them all before drinking. The milked Ethiopia coffee with caramel is a cup of sweetened floral coffee but not overly sweet. Fortunately, the salted caramel mixed nuts danish is not too sweet.

A simple cup of cappuccino has a nice taste to it too — not sure which coffee bean was used, probably the house blend.

I will try each of their special coffees and compile a photo collection here. ✌️


Space Cafe

G-11, Holiday Villa, 260, Jalan Dato Sulaiman, Taman Abad, 80250 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

8am to 12am | Daily

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