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Kluang Eat: Four Beans (四夕豆花) Taiwanese Desserts

Four Beans (四夕豆花), or 4Beans, is a Taiwanese Dessert House, located right next to Tangkak Beef restaurant in Kluang. It is a dessert chain in Malaysia and has several outlets in Johor Bahru too.

Four Beans (四夕豆花)

The dessert house is spacious and has simple decorations.

Four Beans: bar counter

Four Beans has a wide range of cold desserts using tofu fa or soya pudding / beancurd (豆花). There are classic, signature, fruit series, new "World of Taro" series (芋见你系列), etc, and custom beancurd with a choice of 3 toppings. Other than soya beancurd, there are shaved ice desserts and some cooked finger food too.

Four Beans: menu

There is also a "Girl Friend Menu (女友菜单)" on what to order if your "girlfriend" cannot decide on which dessert to go for.

Four Beans: Girlfriend menu

The signature tofu fa (招牌宝岛豆花) is served with separate servings of syrup, soy milk and peanut powder for adjusting the taste of the dessert according to personal likings — the syrup for sweetness, soy milk and peanut powder for flavours. The soya beancurd itself has several toppings — peach gum, snow nest, mixed taro balls, taro potato balls, glass jellies. gingko, honey pearls.

Four Beans: Signature tofu fa

There is still a very long list of desserts for me to try at Four Beans.


3, Jalan Langsat, Kampung Masjid Lama, 86000 Kluang, Johor, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

12pm to 9:45pm | Daily


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