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Kulai Eat: Yun Yun Loy (远远来古早味云吞面) Traditional Wanton Noodle

Yun Yun Loy (远远来), a coffee shop located in Taman Kulai, is right next to Cafe Jufei. The coffee shop has a wanton noodle stall that has been selling traditional wanton noodle (古早味云吞面) for over 40 years.

Yun Yun Loy (远远来) coffee shop

The old-school wanton noodle is really dry without too much sauce, yet the thin egg noodle is well-tossed and coated with sufficient sauce to give it the desired flavours and taste. The char siew is the non-barbecued lean meat type that is tender and with mild sweetness. The wanton (meat dumpling) is savoury with a pleasant sesame oil flavour.

Yun Yun Loy Traditional Wanton Noodle (远远来古早味云吞面)

Other than the default dry wanton noodle, there is also soup version. Give it a try too.


3, Jalan Ismail, Taman Kulai, 81000 Kulai, Johor, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

8am to 4pm | Daily


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