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Malacca Eat: Andalus Kitchen Nasi Arab @ Melaka Old Town

Andalus Kitchen is a new setup towards the end of Lorong Jambatan, near to the Jambatan Kg. Jawa Bridge across the Malacca River. The restaurant is only a few months old and not much information about it can be found online — I stumbled on the restaurant while cafe-hopping in Malacca and decided to give it a try.

The restaurant's tables and chairs are laid out along the narrow lane of Lorong Jambatan but diners do not have to be seated there. Customers of the cafes and pub along Lorong Jambatan can order Andalus Kitchen's food through the respective outlets.

As indicated on Andalus Kitchen's signboard, "western and nasi Arab" seems to be its specialties. The first section of the menu highlighted 6 styles of nasi Arab. There are 5 different types of rice with chicken, beef or lamb. The last one is seafood rice.

Apart from nasi Arab, the chef — not a local (wonder where he is from 🤔) — can also serve home-cook international cuisine, kebab and more. It is amazing that this small kitchen can serve such a wide range of Arabian and international food (have Russian food too).

Andalus Kitchen is a small setup with a solo chef so a little patience is needed when waiting for the food.

The kabssa rice with lamb (RM35) is served with a special Arabic salsa sauce and a small bowl of mutton broth. The mutton is very soft and tender and still retain the mutton taste — just use a spoon and a fork to pull lightly and it will break apart, no need to cut. The kabssa rice is lightly spiced and goes very well with the mutton and salsa. The mutton broth is thick and tasty with some herbal flavours — I wish I can have a second. This nasi Arab is amazingly good! 😋

If I have ordered the dish with biryani rice instead, it will be the best nasi biryani kambing (biryani rice with mutton) I ever had. I will definitely come back again for more.


Andalus Kitchen

Lorong Jambatan, Kampung Jawa, 75100 Melaka, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

6:30pm ~ ?

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