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Malacca Eat: De Xing Lung Kopitiam (德兴隆咖啡店) Mee Hoon Kueh @ Melaka Old Town

De Xing Lung Kopitiam (德兴隆咖啡店) is a relatively new coffee shop that started in Melaka Old Town — at the intersection to Lorong Jambatan, directly opposite Restoran Kok Keong (板底街芋饭肉羹汤) — about two years back. Although It is a new setup, being housed in a pre-war building gives it an "old kopitiam" ambience. Be it due to relations or namesake, the name of the old shop is "德兴隆金铺" (De Xing Lung Goldsmith) as engraved on the pillars.

The kopitiam can accommodate just a few tables on its ground floor but has more tables on the second floor. Alfresco seatings are also available along the narrow lane of Lorong Jambatan. A large canvas shields diners from light rain and shine.

Apart from traditional breakfast set with soft-boil eggs, charcoal-grilled butter-kaya toasts and traditional coffee, De Xing Lung Kopitiam is also popular for its mee hoon kueh (面粉粿), translated literally as "wheat flour cake", which are available in either soup or dry style.

The traditional mee hoon kueh, either soup or dry with dark soy sauce, is added with minced chicken, fried anchovies, vegetables and topped with fried onions and coriander. The flattened mee hoon kueh are fully cooked through and soft to chew.

Highly recommended by the kopitiam staff is their hand-made fried meat balls, which are meaty and tasty. They are served either in 2 or 5 pieces per plate.

Oh, the kopitiam serves Nyonya laksa too. Do give it a try.


De Xing Lung Kopitiam (德兴隆咖啡店)

16, Jalan Kampung Pantai, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

8am ~ 1pm | Closed on Monday & Tuesday


May 25, 2023

Hello! Just wanted to clarify that our mee hoon kueh is served with minced chicken, not pork! Thank you so much for writing about us. We hope you enjoyed our food and please come again soon.

Aug 15, 2023
Replying to

Hi, sorry about the error, I have corrected the text. Thanks for correcting me.

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