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Malacca Eat: Pin Pin Hiong (品品香餐室) Mee Sua Soup @ Melaka Old Town

Pin Pin Hiong Restaurant (品品香餐室) is located just a couple of units away from Cheng Ho's Cultural Museum. The family-run coffeeshop is popular among locals and tourists who know about their mee sua (wheat noodle) soup.

Pin Pin Hiong (品品香餐室)

Pin Pin Hiong's mee sua soup comes in three sizes: small (RM9), medium (RM18) and large (RM27). A small-size mee sua soup is usually enough for one person. Apart from mee sua soup, Pin Pin Hiong also have fried noodles, oyster omelette, prawn omelette, and stir-fried vegetables, etc, to name a few.

Pin Pin Hiong: mee sua soup

A bowl of mee sua soup comes with many ingredients, like minced pork, lean pork meat, small oysters, prawn, pig intestines, pig liver, vegetable and topped with chopped spring onions. It is great to have this traditional noodle soup for breakfast.

Pin Pin Hiong: mee sua soup with ingredients

Pin Pin Hiong is usually closed by 1pm on its working days and closed on Sundays. Weekend visitors, who usually arrive at the old town on Saturday afternoon, will miss the opening hours of the restaurant completely. Weekdays or an early Saturday arrival will be good times to try at Pin Pin Hiong.


Pin Pin Hiong (品品香餐室)

786, Lorong Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

7:30am to 1pm | Closed on Sunday

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