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Malacca Eat: Sun May Hiong Satay House (新味香沙爹屋) @ Taman Kota Laksamana

Satay has always been a favourite snack for many visitors to Melaka Old Town and one of the many satay places to go is Sun May Hiong Satay House (新味香沙爹屋).

Located in the outskirt of Melaka Old Town and not far from Casa del Rio Melaka Hotel, Sun May Hiong Satay House is a hot spot for afternoon "high-tea" for those who prefers traditional food over a cafe. The shop is usually crowded on weekends. Thus, the best time to visit Sun May Hiong is always on a weekday when it is less crowded.

In the past, satays were grilled in front of the shop but new regulations make Sun May Hiong prepares them in the back of the shop. Gone is the smell of burning charcoal mixed with oil and meat juices but the shop is less smoky and not so warm than it used to be. Frequent patrons of the satay house may agree with me that it was the smoky aroma that filled the nostrils and made the satays tasted better.

Sun May Hiong Satay House serves both pork and chicken satays and also offal satays (pig liver and intestine) at RM1.10 per stick. Minimum order is 10 sticks. Ketupat rice (RM1.80 per plate) and onion and cucumber (RM1.20 per plate) are usual companions to complete the satay experience.

The best way to try all the satays is to visit the satay house just before lunch or on weekdays, to avoid crowds, and order 5 sticks of each type (per person).

The satays are usually slightly charred with a smoky taste that adds some flavours to the meat or offal. The meat satays are tender and tasty with the specially-made satay gravy. The minced peanut gravy is added with pineapple puree, which makes the gravy sour-sweet and not too spicy.

For those who dare to eat pig offals, do try the pig liver and intestine satays — I like the intestine satays.

It has became a "tradition" for me to visit Sun May Hiong Satay House every time I visited Melaka Old Town — a traditional food hunt is never complete without satays.


Sun May Hiong Satay House (新味香沙爹屋)

50/52, Jalan Kota Laksamana 1/1, Taman Kota Laksamana, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

10am ~ 6pm | Closed on Tuesday


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