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Malacca Cafe: Calanthe Art Cafe @ Melaka Old Town (2022)

I visited Calanthe Art Cafe at least once on every trip to Malacca since 2015, it is my top cafe pick in Melaka Old Town. Apart from its signature 13 Malaysian states' coffees and a list of great-tasting local delights, the cafe also has an arty ambience that makes it really unique. The last time I visited the cafe was in 2019.

In 2022, Calanthe Art Cafe has not changed much but without the artificial twinning leaves covering its storefront — at least the name of the cafe is more obvious now. Most of the artworks inside the cafe are still intact but some has been reworked.

As always, the must-try at Calanthe Art Cafe is its Malaysia's 13 states' coffees — the only cafe in Malaysia to do so. Experience the different favours and characteristics of the coffees either hot or cold or as ice blenz. The traditional coffees can also be used to make tasty cups of mini-cappuccino.

For first-timer in Malacca, go for Malacca's local coffee, which is pre-mixed with sugar, salt and margarine.

Apart from coffees, delightful cold beverages are also available and super welcoming on hot days to get out of the heat.

The popular dishes of Calanthe Art Cafe is their signature Calanthe laksa and claypot e-mee laksa. Another popular dish is nasi lemak, which is always sold out fast.

One of the new main dishes is the coffee-butter chicken with rice, added with a sunny side-up, salad and crackers. There is also a new dish called "Calanthe seafood laksa" and more.

Calanthe Art Cafe will always be a stop-over for me on every trip to Malacca Old Town until I have tasted all the coffees of the 13 states and their main dishes.



Calanthe Art Cafe

11, Jalan Hang Kasturi, 75250 Melaka, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

9am ~ 10:30pm | Closed on Thursday


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