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Malacca Cafe: Simple Happiness Hygge Cafe @ Melaka Old Town

Hygge (pronounced as "hue.guh") means “doing simple things that create coziness, content and happiness” in Danish. And Hygge Cafe, located in Melaka Old Town, exhibits signs of simplicity and contentment by two young cheerful girls.

Hygge Cafe

Started around end 2023, the two girls have opened the cafe daily without a rest day.

Hygge Cafe: bar counter

The cafe's interior is cosy with simple decorations and artful.

Hygge Cafe: Interior look

The vibe here can be described with one word "easy-going" — or "hygge". A truly relaxing place to have coffee or their homemade beverages with some light bites.

Hygge Cafe: coffee

Apart from beverages, they serve traditional toasts, sandwiches and some interesting Chinese baos (buns or 刈包 a.k.a. Chinese burgers), which is rather unique. There are homemade desserts too.

Hygge Cafe: menu

There are three flavours for the Chinese baos — grilled prawn with egg salad, grilled king trumpet mushroom with hot spices and grilled chicken patty with homemade ah-cha (spicy-sweet pickled mixed vegetables). The baos are not very big. Pick any two or get all three flavours to make a meal. They are light, healthy, taste good and at least something different from the usual Melaka fare.

Hygge Cafe: Chinese baos and sandwich

The pressed sandwich with chicken ham and egg salad is great too with some spice added to the salad to enhance its flavour. And a con... venient pair of disposable gloves will be provided for eating the baos with hands.

Hygge's homemade honey lemon is not just a slice of fresh lemon in a cup of honey. They used dried lemon instead and the sweetness-acidity ratio of the drink is very well-balanced and smooth — no wonder the girls highly recommended it. It is really a must-try, especially on hot days, with a glass of iced honey lemon.

iced honey lemon

There are also handicrafts, illustrations and artworks, by some 30+ artists, being put up in the cafe for sales.

Hygge Cafe: arts & crafts by artists

Relax in the cafe, have a light meal and browse the arts & crafts for something you may like.


77, Lorong Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

9:45am to 8pm (Fri ~ Sun starts at 8:45am) | Daily

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