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Penang See: Grand Swiss Hotel Murals @ Georgetown

The Grand Swiss Hotel Murals is a collection of 5 artworks located in an alleyway leading to Grand Swiss Hotel along Chulia Street (Lebuh Chulia) in Georgetown, Penang. These artworks, created by Yakuzart Creation, sit side by side one another and is easy to find.

Below are the five artworks:

1. Have some wine with Mona Lisa.

Grand Swiss Hotel Mural: Mona Lisa having wine

2. Ride with Mr Bean.

Grand Swiss Hotel Mural: Mr Bean on a bicycle

3. Sit beside Marilyn Monroe.

Grand Swiss Hotel Mural: Marilyn Monroe on a bench

4. Pull the rickshaw for Dr. Sun Yat Sen.

Grand Swiss Hotel Mural: Dr. Sun Yat Sen in a rickshaw

5. Play the piano with Beethoven.

Grand Swiss Hotel Mural: Beethoven beside a piano

These artworks may have faded a little since their creations but are still pretty much intact.

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