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Pontian Eat: Kedai Mee Sin Kee (新記笨珍雲吞麵) Pontian Wanton Noodle @ Pontian Kechil

In a cluster of local food outlets off Jalan Bakek, a trunk road in Pontian Kechil, and near to Pontian Lau Pasar (笨珍老巴刹), Kedai Mee Sin Kee (新記笨珍雲吞麵) is one of the pioneers of Pontian-style wanton noodle. Unlike other wanton noodles that are flavoured with pork lard oil or dark sauce, Pontian-style wanton noodle uses tomato ketchup as its usual sauce.

Sin Kee's wanton noodle is available in 3 sizes: small (RM6.50), medium (1.5 serving of noodle, RM8) and large (2 servings of noodle, RM10). Customers get to choose a sauce — normal ketchup, spicy ketchup-chilli, dark sweet sauce or black pepper — for their wanton noodles.

The ketchup-sauce wanton noodle comes with springy egg noodle, slightly thicker than usual, and is tender — the texture is unlike any other wanton noodle. The slices of tender barbecue pork are not as thin as expected and are mostly lean meat. The meat dumplings are fresh and can taste the sweetness of the minced pork. There are two fishballs too.

Another hot stuff to try at Sin Kee is the popular otak-otak (mild-spicy fish paste wrapped in nipa palm leaves). Sin Kee's otak-otak are nicely-grilled to prevent the fish paste from being charred. Pairing wanton noodle with a couple of otak-otak (RM1 per stick) is just perfect.

Another variant of wanton noodle to try at Sin Kee is their self-created black pepper wanton noodle. All ingredients and portions remain the same except that homemade black pepper sauce is used instead of the usual tomato ketchup sauce.

The black pepper wanton noodle has mild peppery flavour and tends to be on the spicier side. It is a different experience and a unique dish at Sin Kee only.

Pontian-style wanton noodle can be found in many places, including Singapore. When in Pontian, tasting the original local flavours is definitely a must.


Kedai Mee Sin Kee (新記笨珍雲吞麵)

1120, Jalan Bakek Jaya Utama, Kampung Atap, 82000 Pontian, Johor, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

10am ~ 5:45pm | Closed on Thursday


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