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Singapore Eat: Zheng Xing Desserts (正兴甜品) @ Beauty World

Been to Albert Centre for traditional desserts at Zheng Xing Desserts stall? The great news is: Zheng Xing Desserts (正兴甜品) has a second stall in the food centre on the 4th floor of Beauty World Centre in Bukit Timah.

Zheng Xing Desserts (正兴甜品) @ Beauty World Centre

Zheng Xing Desserts is well-known for their tau suan (豆爽). They have three other traditional desserts: bubur terigu (大麦), pulut hitam (黑糯米) and green bean & sago (绿豆西米露).

Zheng Xing Desserts Menu

The hot-selling tau suan (豆爽, mung beans dessert), added with pieces of cut fried dough, is a nice dessert to have at any time. Furthermore, it is not too sweet.

Zheng Xing Desserts Tau suan

The pulut hitam (黑糯米, black glutinous rice porridge) is another hot-seller of Zheng Xing. The black rice dessert is usually eaten with coconut milk (optional) for additional flavours and sweetness.

Zheng Xing Desserts Pulut hitam (黑糯米)

The bubur terigu (大麦, sweet white wheat porridge) is cooked with sago and mild-sweet. Coconut milk may be added as well.

Zheng Xing Desserts Bubur terigu (大麦)

The green bean & sago dessert (绿豆西米露) is great to have on hot days and it is not too sweet with soft and fully cooked-through mung beans. Similarly, coconut milk can be added for additional flavours.

Zheng Xing Desserts Mung bean dessert (绿豆西米露)

Other than the Beauty World outlet and the main branch at Albert Centre (Blk 270 Queen Street, #01-64), Zheng Xing Desserts has a new outlet at Hong Lim Market & Food Centre too.


Beauty World Centre Foodcourt, #04-58

Opening Hours:

9:30am till sold out | Closed on Wednesday


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