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Singapore Eat: 133 Penang Authentic @ Bukit Timah Food Centre

133 Penang Authentic is one stall in Bukit Timah Food Centre that sells authentic Penang dishes — as its name implies. The stall is managed by a couple from Penang. Their signature dishes are Penang char kway teow and Penang prawn noodle as illustrated on the signboard.

133 Penang Authentic

133 Penang Authentic's Penang char kway teow (滨城炒粿条) is a real hot-seller. Each dish is fried upon order and will need some patience to wait. The fried noodle dish is full of ingredients, including prawns, slices of fishcake, egg, slices of Chinese sausage, beansprouts and spring onions. Cockles may be added at extra charge. The fried noodle is non-oily and delicious with a light wok flavour — simply irresistible!

133 Penang Authentic's char kway teow

Another popular dish of 133 Penang Authentic is Penang prawn noodle (滨城虾面), which is available as soup or dry version, or with additional pork ribs. The pork ribs prawn noodle (排骨虾面) is probably the best dish to try their prawn noodle with pork ribs added. And the amount of meat is really a lot. There are fishcakes, beansprouts and crispy fried pork lard too. The soup has a rich prawn flavour. The dry noodle dish is nicely mixed in its sauce, not too spicy nor salty. It's nice!

133 Penang Authentic's pork ribs prawn noodle

There is another item on 133 Penang Authentic's menu — Fish Fritters Lor Mee (炸鱼卤面). I have yet to try it.


Bukit Timah Food Centre, #02-193

Opening Hours:

9am to 5pm | Closed on Wednesday


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