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Unique Homestay Experience at Adagio Shihtiping, Taiwan (石梯坪缓慢民宿)

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Adagio 缓慢民宿

I got to know about Adagio Homestay (缓慢民宿) in 2009 when I stayed at Adagio Fenchihu (缓慢奋起湖) when exploring Taiwan's popular attraction, Alishan National Scenic Area (阿里山国家风景区). Ever since that first experience at Adagio Fenchihu, I had not encountered a better home stay or hotel that can surpass the unique experience provided by Adagio. I knew then I will be back again.

But Adagio closed its Fenchihu branch after a typhoon destroyed part of the forest train railway to Fenchihu town in 2009 — 3 months after my trip. The damage resulted in dwindling number of visitors to Fenchihu as tour buses skipped the little town and headed to Alishan directly. Businesses in rustic Fenchihu suffered a heavy blow for the next few years. I was really disappointed with the closure of Adagio Fenchihu. It was such a great homestay with fun and friendly staff.

Luckily, Adagio has another 2 outlets on the eastern coast of Taiwan — in Hualien's Shihtiping (花莲石梯坪) and in New Taipei City's Jinguashi (新北金瓜石), not far from Jiufen Old Town (九分老街). A third outlet is located in Hokkaido, Japan. A common factor of all these outlets, including the ex-Fenchihu outlet, is that they are all located away from cities in some quiet spots.

It was due to the desire of wanting to try the same experience again at Adagio that I picked Adagio Shihtiping (缓慢石梯坪) in May 2012 and brought my sister along. And we got to explore the art-of-nature spot known as Shihtiping Scenic Recreation Area (石梯坪游息区), which was right in front of the homestay. There are also other things to do around this quiet coastal spot too.

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