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  • Rick

A Dino-Expedition in Jurassic Park...Uh, I mean, Jurassic Mile

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

I am the captain of a dual-member team known as the Jurassic Expedition Team, or JET in short. And my assistant was a dino-linguist, who specialised in communicating with dinosaurs.

We were called to duty on 23 October 2020 by Changi Jurassic Command, the operation and control centre of Changi Jurassic Mile, to carry out a "top secret" mission. Due to the sensitivity of the mission, we would be briefed only on arrival at Changi Base 4.

At 9am, we took-off in our space-jet from home base and landed at Changi Base 2 on Jurassic Island about an hour later. We had to park our space-jet here and switched to a modified land rover to Changi Base 4 as the airspace around the base was off-limit to all flights this day. Something big was brewing...

On the way to Base 4, we caught sight of a tyrannosaurus rex (or T-rex) rampaging in the trees not far away. It must have escaped from Changi Jurassic Mile since all dinosaurs were supposed to be behind fortified enclosures. However, it was not JET's responsibility to re-capture it, so it would be best to leave the dinosaur to the specialised Search And Recovery Squad (SARS).

On arriving at Base 4, we had to scan our Changi PlayPass at the reader outside the door to verify our identities. Once done, we were ushered to the command centre.

And we were briefed on the mission. A fortified perimeter wall in Jurassic Mile had been breached and some dinosaurs had escaped. The breached wall had since been barricaded with an electric fence until further repair work could be carried out. It was not known how many dinosaurs had escaped. Our mission was to enter Jurassic Mile and reaffirm the whereabouts of all its known occupants.

If news of the dino-escape were to be leaked out, it would alarm the inhabitants and trigger massive evacuations to abandon Jurassic Island. That was the reason why this mission was top-secret.

We reported the last-seen location of the T-rex to command centre and they dispatched a SARS team right away.

After loading up the equipment that we might need onto the land rover, we started the expedition into dino-land. We had one hour to complete the mission before words got out.

It was a short ride before we came to the nest of a pterodactyl. It seemed to be guarding her eggs closely and did not pay any attention to us. Not wanting to provoke the flying dinosaur by getting too close to her eggs, we continued to the next target.

A short distance away, a triceratops, with three horns and thick hide, charged head-on towards us. We thought it was going to ram the land rover and took evasive measures. But it just wanted to play with us. We patted it and drove on.