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Batu Pahat Buy: Sin Sin Foodstuff (新新包粿食品) Ang Ku Kueh

Located along Batu Pahat's Glutton Street, or Jalan Pengkai, Sin Sin Foodstuff (新新包粿食品) is one shop to look for traditional ang ku (or "red tortoise" in Hokkien) kueh and local products of Malaysia, especially native products of Batu Pahat District.

Sin Sin's main selling point is their wide varieties of self-made ang ku kuehs (红龟粿), that comes in various flavours of fillings and colours. Apart from traditional sweet peanut and sweet mung bean in red skins, fillings of purple yam, taro, red bean, black sesame, shredded coconut, salty peanut and salty mung bean, etc, are also available in other coloured skins. There are fillings of mixed flavours too. Early birds will get to pick from the full range before any of the items are sold out.

There are round hand-made rice balls (手工饭团) with "mince meat & shrimp" (肉碎虾米) and "mushroom & ham" (香菇火腿) flavours and also the peach-shape Teochew rice kueh. Nyonya nine-layer cakes (九层糕) with different flavours are also available.

Each kueh / rice ball / nine-layer cake costs around RM1.70. The temptation to pick one of each flavour to try is very great. The ang ku kuehs are really delicious with prominent flavours and, more importantly, they are not too sweet.

The nine-layer cakes are available in gula melaka, pandan and taro flavours and taste nice too. Note that all kuehs can last for about 2~3 days (including the day of purchase) — best to refrigerate them if unable to finish within a day.

Apart from traditional kuehs, Sin Sin Foodstuff also carries snacks, coffee powder, wide range of condiments, traditional confectionery and frozen products, such as rice balls, rice dumplings, buns, mochis, etc.

Being near to the Express Bus Terminal, Sin Sin Foodstuff is one convenient place to get Batu Pahat's native products before boarding the buses.


Sin Sin Foodstuff (新新包粿食品)

36-4 Jalan Jenang,Batu Pahat, 83000, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

9:30am ~ 7pm | Daily


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