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iPackTravel: Map Your Footprints on Earth

iPackTravel - My Travel Footprints

iPackTravel mobile app has a new feature!

Instead of saving all your past, present and future trips in iPackTravel simply as records, the new "My Footprints" feature will use the trip data to show where you have been on Earth. This will require that you marked out your travel routes as accurately as possible in the Trip Planner — i.e. your travel itinerary.

For enthusiastic travellers, this would be a great tool to have. It is similar to TripAdvisor's travel map (unfortunately, you can't share it anymore). In iPackTravel, you control your own data and you can share your travel map however you want to — with no privacy issues.


To use the full functions of My Footprints, the "Enhanced Features" mode is required via in-app purchase. It will unlock the enhanced Trip Planner module to allow day/city locations to be set for each day in the itinerary. These day/city locations is used to show the main travel route of each trip on map.

In whole, My Footprints will show the main routes from all recorded trips, with all visited cities, on a single map as your footprints on Earth.

Without the "Enhanced Features" mode, My Footprints will still work except that only the the arrival city and departure city of each trip will be shown.

My Footprints

My Footprints is a sub-function of My Trips. Just go to My Trips and ensure all itineraries contain locations data for visited cities or places. iPackTravel allows any location to be marked instead of restricting to known cities only — even if you camp in the mountains, you can mark it in iPackTravel. These locations will be used by My Footprints to show as footprints on your travel map.

By default, My Footprints will show all travel routes with blue-coloured lines and all past journeys will be marked with green paws. Future trips will be marked by red flags and red-coloured lines to indicate they are planned journeys.

Accessing iPackTravel My Footprints.

My Footprints allows the routes to be configured as shown or hidden. It also allows future journeys to be shown or hidden. You can also rotate the map to landscape orientation for wider view and without the navigation bar.

iPackTravel Configurations

Take a screenshot of your footprints on Earth and share it with your friends today!

(By the way, the footprints in the screenshots above are my actual footprints in Asia. I am not making them up for marketing sake. See more about my travels.)

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