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JB Eat: Ah Ma TeoChew Kuih (阿嬷潮州糕) @ Jalan Tan Hiok Nee

Updated: 5 days ago

Near to Tan Hiok Nee Heritage Walk in Bandar Johor Bahru, Ah Ma TeoChew Kuih (阿嬷潮州糕) is one great place to have traditional Teochew kuihs (Teochew for bite-size cakes, dumplings, biscuits or pastries) and also popular local dishes. Some of the dishes include fried kway teow with cockles and prawns, nasi lemak, Teochew porridge, curry noodle, curry chicken with turmeric rice, etc, as shown on a banner outside the shop.

Apart from dining-in in the two-level cafe, most of the traditional kuihs, yam cakes and rice dumplings can be purchased from a stationary bicycle-assisted food cart outside the cafe for taking away.

The orange butter cake (鲜橙牛油蛋糕) looked really nice. Apart from the Teochew kuihs, Ah Ma's handmade chilli sauce, sambal, fried onions and kaya (coconut jam) are also available for sales.

We were at Ah Ma TeoChew Kuih cafe on a long weekend to try most, if not all, of their traditional kuihs. While waiting for a table outside the cafe, we purchased a box of Gula Melaka steam cake (马来糕) from the food cart to try. It was soft, spongy and had a nice gula melaka (palm sugar) aroma, tasted yummy and not very sweet.

After being seated at a big table on the second floor, we ordered a few pieces of the kuihs from different categories. It was not possible to try all in one visit. Since we had tried the Gula Melaka cake when queuing, we did not order the (heart-shaped) cake again.

We had both types of the peach-shaped Teochew yam kuih (潮州芋头桃粿) and Teochew rice kuih (潮州饭桃粿), Teochew oh ni (潮州芋泥), ku chai kuih (韭菜菜粿), mang kuang kuih (芒光菜粿), four of the golden bun oh ni (黄金芋泥包) and some mixed kuihs. It was almost like dim sum style.

For the mixed kuihs, we had pulut tai tai (蓝花饭), thousand layers matcha kuih (千层抹茶糕) and baked cassava kuih (烤木薯糕) from left to right. These kuihs were accompanied by a small dish of their homemade kaya — I learnt later that the kaya was for eating with those kuihs that were not sweet, especially the blue pulut tai tai that was made from glutinous rice and flavoured by butterfly pea flowers.

Not to be missed was the Ah Ma-recommended yam kuih (芋头糕). The yam kuihs, rice kuihs and vegetable kuihs were accompanied by their special chilli sauce with finely-minced garlic. The yam kuih, with its crispy toppings, was really nice with the chilli sauce, a must-try!

Another recommended item was the Golden Bun Oh Ni (黄金芋泥包). These were fried yam buns with molten yam fillings (oh ni) that were mild-sweet.

For beverage, I went for the cafe's specialty coffee, named as Ah Ma Signature Coffee (阿嬷特调咖啡).

The signature coffee had a strong unique taste that seemed like dark chocolate — quite similar to the hor ga sai coffee (虎咬狮) that I tried in Taiping.

We aimed for just the traditional kuihs for breakfast this round and will be back to try the local dishes for lunch next time.




Ah Ma TeoChew Kuih (阿嬷潮州糕)

No.13, Jalan Trus, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

7am to 5pm | Closed on Monday

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