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JB Eat: Ya Wang (鸭皇药材烧腊大王) Herbal Roasted Duck @ Bandar Johor Bahru

Restoran Ya Wang (鸭皇药材烧腊大王) is well-known for its herbal roasted duck and other roasted delights. The restaurant is located right beside Pasar Karat in Bandar Johor Bahru, in between JB City Square Shopping Centre and Tan Hiok Nee Heritage Walk.

Ya Wang's signature dish is herbal roasted duck with either Angelica herb (当归烧鸭), wild ginseng (泡参烧鸭) or ten-wonder herbs (十全烧鸭). Ya Wang also serves pipa roasted duck (琵琶烧鸭), braised duck, roasted pork, suckling pig, char siew (barbecue pork), roasted chicken, soups and vegetable dishes.

A complete meal at Ya Wang usually comprises of a roasted duck dish, roasted pork, a vegetable dish and herbal soup — for 2~3 pax.

The Angelica herbal roasted duck meat is tender and carries a light herbal taste but is complimented by its sauce, which has a rich herbal aroma and taste. The roasted pork was crispy but a little on the salty side for me.

A single-pax rice set with herbal roasted duck and roasted pork is one way to try two of their specialties for lone diners.


Restoran Ya Wang (鸭皇药材烧腊大王)

28, Jalan Segget, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia


Restoran Ya Wang had moved to its new location at:

44, Jalan Segget, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

8am ~ 6pm | Closed on Wednesday

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