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Kluang Eat: Old Alley (老胡同) Soya Pudding

Old Alley (老胡同) is a dessert shop located along an artistic back alley marked as "Kluang Street Art" on Google Maps — yes, there are many murals here. The little shop blends in with the surrounding murals like a piece of art. The use of green plants and vines give the shop an old rustic feel even though it is only a few years old (since 2019).

Outside the shop, a couple of tables allow customers to enjoy cold desserts while relaxing in a peaceful lane of arts — provided it is not raining or when the hot sun is not over the head at around noon time. Inside the shop, a wall of murals faces the bar counter.

More seats are available on the second floor of the shop. Different kinds of seats, including hammock chairs, offers different ways to relax in Old Alley.

The cozy, air-conditioned shop is a great place for customers to escape the hot sun, relax and enjoy great cold desserts.

Old Alley's signature dessert is the cold tao fu hua (soya pudding) with black sesame (黑芝麻豆花). There are other pre-mixed variants, such as matcha tao fu hua (抹茶豆花) and gula melaka tao fu hua (椰糖豆花) too. Self-customisable options are also available where customers can choose the toppings they like. And they are cheap!

The cold tao fu hua with black sesame (黑芝麻豆花) has an enticing aroma, well-balanced in taste and not too sweet. The black sesame does not have much of its characteristic bitterness and matches well with the mild-sweet, soft and smooth soya pudding.

The Super Gain Bowl is a soya pudding dessert topped with at least 7 toppings — chia seeds, red beans, herbal jelly (a little bitter), purple potato balls, taro balls, peach gum and jelly. It is one bowl of slight bitterness, sweetness and chewiness in addition to the pudding with soft texture. I really enjoy chewing on the purple potato balls and taro balls — Taiwan's specialty dessert.

Other than soya pudding, Old Alley serves shaved ice too. The mix berries shaved ice with yogurt, banana slices and grapes, and topped with almond flakes, is a nice alternative. It has natural fruity taste and not too sweet. A great ice dessert to have, especially on hot days.

Old Alley is a nice place to visit when checking out the street arts of Kluang.


Old Alley (老胡同)

12, Jln Dato Teoh Siew Khor, Kampung Masjid Lama, 86000 Kluang, Johor, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

11:45am to 6pm (Fri-Sun till 10pm) | Daily


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