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Kluang Eat: The Original Kluang Rail Coffee @ Kluang Railway Station

It is not difficult to find a "Kluang Rail Coffee" when in Kluang District of Johor — I found 4 locations on Google Maps. Among the 4 found, 3 are modern restaurants while one is a small kopitiam in Kluang Railway Station. It is called "The Original Kluang Rail Coffee" and is recorded as "the oldest railway kopitiam" in the Malaysia Book of Records.

I will call it "the canteen", for short, in this article.

The Original Kluang Rail Coffee

Started as a canteen in the railway station in 1938, the little outlet has advanced with time, became the well-known "Kluang Rail Coffee", and expanded to having 3 new and modern outlets in Kluang. The original outlet has retained its rusticity and "old-time" feel — it will like travelling back in time when dining here.

The Original Kluang Rail Coffee: little canteen

The canteen itself is small and will not be able to accommodate a lot of people, but there are more seats outside the train station.

The Original Kluang Rail Coffee: seats outside canteen

Unlike the newer outlets with wider food options, the canteen has kept its menu to simple food and few selected local delights. It serves a large range of breads — roti bun bakar (toasted bread), roti bun gandum (whole wheat bread), roti keping bakar (toasted sliced bread) — steamed buns, Malaysian delights and a long list of beverages.

The Original Kluang Rail Coffee: Menu

When spoilt for choice, the list of 12 recommended items provides a quick guide to some hot-selling items to try, especially for first-timers.

The Original Kluang Rail Coffee: Recommended items on menu

A bun sambal special, two soft-boiled eggs and traditional kopi easily strikes off 3 items from the recommended list and makes a new combination for traditional breakfast.

The Original Kluang Rail Coffee: bun sambal, soft-boiled eggs, kopi

The bun sambal special has half an egg, fried ikan bilis and shredded cucumber with both sambal chilli and butter on the inside of the grilled bread. It is like eating nasi lemak in the form of a bread rather than rice. It's a nice experience.

The Original Kluang Rail Coffee: Bun sambal

The bun bakar (grilled bun) with butter and kaya offers another experience from the usual traditional Hainam toast (roti keping). It may be a good idea to order both and compare the textures.

The Original Kluang Rail Coffee: Bun Bakar with butter & kaya

Among the list of local delights, laksa Johor is probably the most ordered. It looked like a simple noodle dish, with shredded cucumbers, onions and chilli, but there are more in the gravy than meets the eye. Laksa Johor is usually served with spaghetti in a broth made with minced fish (typically wolf herring) and other ingredients to enhance the taste. This is a spicy dish.

The Original Kluang Rail Coffee: laksa Johor

The Original Kluang Rail Coffee is always packed and with long queues, especially on weekends and public holidays. Avoid peak periods if you want to dine at this little canteen.


Kluang Train Station

Kampung Masjid Lama, 86000 Kluang, Johor, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

7am to 6pm | Closed on Monday


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