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Malacca Cafe: Seedellas Workshop Cafe @ Melaka Old Town

Seedellas Workshop Cafe is a new cafe that started brewing its coffees in Melaka Old Town at the start of 2022. The cafe is located close to Jonker Street and just a few steps from the well-known Cheng Hoon Teng Temple.

Seedellas is not just a coffee-&-food cafe, it holds therapeutic hobby classes, by experienced instructors, in a little workshop too. Anyone can join the classes (when available) to make therapeutic artworks — no experience needed.

Seedellas Cafe is small with few tables in-house and is a cozy cafe with a very relaxing mood. More tables are available outside the cafe.

A display on a wall that shows the coffee belt — coffee production regions — of the world. Do you know that Malaysia is also in the coffee belt and is a coffee producer too?

Seedellas Cafe has a pretty wide range of coffees and other non-coffee beverages. Apart from the usual espresso-based coffees and lattes, there are also hand-brew options to try various coffee beans (of the day) and cold brews. The cafe also has a number of interesting special coffees — it will take several visits to try them all.

The cafe also serves quite a wide range of food options that include salads, breakfast sets, spaghetti, dons, sandwiches, pastries, etc.

First time to Seedellas Cafe will be to try its signature coffee, the Seedellas Special, and recommended smoked duck aglio olio. The smoked chicken ciabatta looks tasty too — I can only try that on the next visit.

Seedellas Special is an "ice shaken espresso" that uses whipped cream, milk, syrup and espresso. And topped with a strawberry that gives the beverage a lovely presentation. The aroma of the espresso is strong but the bitterness is greatly reduced but not overly sweetened. This special brew is really good and a must-try!

The smoked duck aglio olio may seem simple, but the spices increased the flavours of the spaghetti and the tender duck meat gives the dish a tasty and fatty mouthfeel.

When cafe-hopping in Melaka Old Town, Seedellas Workshop Cafe is not to be missed.



Seedellas Workshop Cafe

58, Jalan Tokong, Kampung Dua, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

9:30am ~ 6pm | Closed on Wednesday

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