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Malacca Drink 🔞: Nachi Toddy @ Portuguese Settlement

Nachi Toddy is a small stall selling toddy (coconut palm wine) and tuak (rice wine). It is located in the Portuguese Settlement of Malacca, next to a row of seafood restaurants.

Nachi's toddy wine has two variations — one is a mixture of palm wine collected from different young coconut trees (alcohol: 1~2%) and the other variant is from a single old coconut tree (alcohol: 3~4%). Both are available in 1.25L bottles but only the "mix-tree" variant is available in cup-size. Bottled toddy needs to be stored in a fridge or it will go bad in less than 2 days.

They have two other bottled drinks on the menu too. "Tuak Sarawak", made with rice, galangal, ginger and cinnamon, is a rice wine with higher alcohol content (alcohol: 6~10%), can be kept longer for years, but is seasonal. And "Nira Kelapa Pantai Timur" is a kind of non-alcoholic, sweet coconut drink favoured by the Muslim community.

A cup of toddy, from a mix of young coconut trees, is mild-sweet and acidic and is like a fizzy soft drink without bubbles. It does not have a sourish fermentation taste (probably shorter harvesting time) that I experienced elsewhere.

I will want to try the stronger variant of the toddy and tuak Sarawak too, but will need to be in a larger group of people to go for the bottle.

Make sure you are of legal age to drink.


Medan Selera, Portuguese Settlement, Melaka, 75050 Malacca, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

6pm to 9pm | Open Friday to Sunday only

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