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SG Michelin: Fatty Ox HK Kitchen (肥牛过桥面档)

I had planned to try one of Fatty Ox HK Kitchen's noodle dishes for early lunch to avoid the lunch-time crowd but I walked past the stall at around 10am. Seeing that there was no queue at that moment. I decided to bring forward the plan.

After checking out the menu, I ordered beef brisket noodle ($4) and asked to add some roasted duck meat ($5). I was greedy — uh, I mean, I was tempted to try their roasted delights. I was expecting only a few pieces of roasted duck — like most places do — but the lady stall owner gave me quite a big portion of it. I counted 7 pieces.

The beef brisket noodle included beef tendons, which was my favourite, and I had 3 big pieces of it on top of 2 large chunks of brisket. The briskets were juicy and tender and the tendons were easy to bite through. Its sticky collagen was all over my mouth before I finished the first piece.

The chilli was rather special too. It was a mixture of several ingredients that increased the flavour of the noodles without making it too spicy. It would taste great too if a spoonful of the chilli was to be added to a bowl of rice. I wondered if it was handmade.

And the roasted duck was really good! The flavour of the herbs that were stuffed into the duck during roasting was well-absorbed into the meat and not salty. The skins were not fatty and the succulent meat could be separated from the bones without much effort. I really liked it!

I was so full after the meal, but I had no regrets adding on the roasted duck. The portion that I had eaten could be considered just nice for two persons. Nevertheless, it was a delicious meal. I would be back again soon to try their other delights and definitely the roasted duck noodle again.

🏆 : Michelin Plate

📍 : Chinatown Complex, #02-084

🕘 : 7:30am - 2:30pm

😴 : Closed on Mondays & Tuesdays

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