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Muar Eat: GP Red Wine Mee Sua (红酒面线手工面) @ Taman Kenanga

Kedai Makanan dan Minuman GP 红酒面线, as its name implies, serves red wine mee sua (wheat vermicelli) as its signature dish. The restaurant is located in Taman Kenanga of Muar, a few minutes’ drive or 18 minutes’ walk from the old town of Muar.

Other than red wine mee sua (红酒面线), the shop serves other styles of noodle dish too including handmade noodle (手工面), pan mee (版面), etc. There are fried spice rolls (炸五香) too.

GP Red Wine Mee Sua (红酒面线手工面)

Although the name of the dish is called “red wine mee sua”, it is not actually using red wine to cook the wheat vermicelli but red lees (紅糟) that are left over from wine production. Red lees is often used as a Chinese culinary paste for its after-fermentation nutritional benefits.

The mee sua dish has minced meat, slices of mushroom and slices of abalone mushroom cooked in pinkish broth and garnished with spring onions and fried ginger shreds. The broth has a mellow mild-sweet wine flavour due to the red lees. It is really delicious.

GP Red Wine Mee Sua (红酒面线)

Another popular dish of the shop is their fried chicken wings. They are deep-fried until the battered skins are crispy yet the meat still retains its juiciness, not dry, not salty and not oily. It is no wonder that almost every table will have at least one chicken wing to go along with any main noodle dishes.

GP Red Wine Mee Sua: Fried chicken wing

An interesting thing about one of GP's beverages. Apart from homemade herbal tea, they also serve “red bean soup” as a beverage, not as a sweet dessert. The soup is watered-down and is meant to alleviate thirst with red bean flavour. So, don’t be surprised when they asked whether you want herbal tea or red bean (hot). The beverage does come with red beans for eating.

GP Red Wine Mee Sua: Red bean beverage

The restaurant is opened only in the evening. When it gets crowded, expect to wait for 20 minutes or more for the food. The best time will be around 6pm when it just opened.


264-15C, Jalan Kenanga, Taman Kenanga, 84000 Muar, Johor, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

6pm to 11pm | Closed on Tuesday


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