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  • Rick

On a Bargain Hunt to IKEA Tebrau

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

IKEA Tebrau in Johor Bahru opened on 17 November 2017 and large crowds flocked to the outlet during the year-end holiday season. I avoided making a trip there during that period. Three months had passed, it was about time to pay the outlet a little visit and also since my new house was coming, I needed to get new furniture.

So, I decided on a little bargain-hunting trip to IKEA Tebrau to get some small items cheaply at the same time. And I asked my sister along.

The Homework

Before making the trip to IKEA Tebrau, I did some homework to decide if it was worth the effort to go all the way there instead of the IKEA outlets in Singapore. So, I looked up several items that I needed on and compare their prices with the same items on Not all items were cheaper in IKEA Tebrau but I found two small furniture that were on promotions and cheaper than in Singapore.

1. LISABO Coffee Table @ S$99.00

2. BEKVÄM Step Stool @ S$24.90

The prices indicated on were RM249.00 and RM59.00 respectively. The day's exchange rate was S$1 : RM2.955, so the equivalent prices in Singapore dollars are S$84.26 and S$19.96 — total cost would be S$104.22 and around S$20 cheaper. It was not a lot of money but it reinforced my reasons to make the trip.

Also, I tried to keep the expenditure amount below S$150 equivalent so as not to pay an additional 7% GST on entering Singapore. Otherwise, it would reduce the margin that I was trying to save.