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Pontian Cafe: Platform Coffee & Homestay (平台咖啡民宿) @ Pekan Nanas

In a little town known as Pekan Nanas, or "Pineapple Town", in Pontian District of Johor, Malaysia, a coffee house exists in the residential suburb of the town. The unique coffee house is part of a local home and is called Platform Coffee & Homestay — yes, it is someone's home and is also a cafe and homestay.

Platform Coffee & Homestay is unique in a way that it is somewhat rustic, close to nature and primitive (stone-age). It has a very laid-back vibe — time seems to have stopped when one steps into the cafe in the front porch of the classic metal-roofed house.

The cafe and homestay is the home of Ah Ping (阿萍) and Ah Liang (阿良).

Two handmade coffee menus hang on the wall behind the bar counter listing both hot and cold beverages. Apart from home-brew coffee, there are hot or iced tea and cocoa too. Ah Ping will brew the beverages.

They have a special coffee known as "Baileys Latte" (奶酒咖啡) made with Baileys, a liqueur from Ireland. It's a must-try for those who want something special.

They have light bites, such as croissant, cakes and sour dough, etc, and more types of beverage. These items are not fixed and may change weekly.

The raised platform, with a low sofa and cushions, besides the coffee counter is probably the best place to spend time here.

Apart from the raised platform seating area, there are seats at the bar counter and a swing outside the house. There are more seats inside the house.

The Ambassador Deluxe Scotch Whisky ceramic jug contains... plain water — self-service.

Apart from coffee and homestay, Platform has a mini ceramic workshop for interested customers to experience making somethings from clay.

Several ceramic artworks are also displayed in cupboards in one corner. Some are for sales and some are for display only. For those who are interested in the ceramic workshop, do call Ah Liang for more information.

There are some interesting artworks too. Will you be able to guess the title of the movies from these art pieces?

Inside the door of the house is a pretty unique wooden screen with a Chinese character on it that looks like the word "囍", meaning double happiness.

There are more sofa seats inside the house for bigger group of customers. A hand-drawn map of Pekan Nanas listed several places of interest and food outlets. These are recommendations from Ah Ping and Ah Liang on what are nice around the little town.

There is also a cozy corner for two persons. The rooms are for homestay guests only.

Outside the house, a 3D wall mural titled "日出而作" (meaning "to work when the sun is up") can be found along the way to the washroom.

My order of a serving of sour dough and a cup of Americano — Ah Liang had covered them when I went to the washroom. The handmade food cover is also artistic and attractive.

Serving both the coffee and food in handmade ceramics make them look so pretty and photogenic. The sour dough (黑豆葵花子欧包) with black beans, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, olive oil, etc, is crunchy and tasted great. The black coffee is strong and smooth too (forgot to ask which coffee beans was used).

Hot Baileys latte is a special concoction of espresso coffee with sweet and milky Irish cream and hot milk. It is delicious and creamy with a tinge of fruity whiskey. To try this alcoholic beverage, don't drive.

The cafe is such a comfortable place to relax and laze an afternoon away.

For more information regarding Platform cafe, homestay or the ceramic workshop, call Ah Ping or Ah Liang.

Platform Coffee & Homestay is truly a unique place to have coffee (or other beverages), stay-over for few nights and experience the thrill of making ceramic ware.


Platform Coffee & Homestay (平台咖啡民宿)

DH17A, Lorong A-4, Pekan Nenas, 81500 Pontian, Johor, Malaysia

How to Get There:

Take a bus towards Pontian Kechil and alight at Pekan Nanas: Bus Guide: Singapore to Pontian Kechil & Kukup Village in Johor (柔佛笨珍)

Opening Hours:

11am ~ 6pm | Closed on Wednesday & Thursday


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