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Pontian Eat: Cendol Pontian Noor Mohd @ Pontian Kechil

"Lorong Cendol" is a set of murals on two walls in a lorong (or alley) off a trunk road (Jalan Bakek) in Pontian Kechil, to the west of Johor. The murals feature several pushcarts selling local desserts and snacks. One particular mural shows an elderly Muslim man preparing a bowl of cendol behind a pushcart. Some real tables and plastic stools in front of the murals made them seem real-life...

Make a 180-degree about-turn and you will see another pushcart with a look-alike elderly Muslim man preparing cendol — except that he can move and talk to you. Yes, he is the elder painted in the mural. It was said that he has been selling cendol at this spot for around 60 years and is well-known in Pontian.

The small bowl of shaved-ice cendol with green jelly and large red beans in coconut milk is only RM2.50. Flavoured with gula Melaka (coconut palm sugar), the cendol is delicious, not too sweet and is very refreshing, especially on hot days. And since it is not a large bowl, it can be consumed at any time of the day — including right after a full meal.

Besides the cendol stall, there is another stall selling apam balik (peanut pancakes), do give it a try.


Chendol Pontian Noor Mohd

Kampung Atap, 82000 Pontian District, Johor, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

9:30am ~ 6pm | Daily


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