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Pontian Eat: Kheng Guan Hiong (琼源香咖啡店) Coffee-Toast-Eggs @ Pontian Kechil

Kheng Guan Hiong Coffeeshop (琼源香咖啡店) is well-known for its traditional coffee and charcoal-grilled toasts in Pontian, Johor. The little coffee shop is located opposite Pontian Fish Market — a popular spot for locals and Singaporeans to get fresh seafood.

Kheng Guan Hiong's aromatic coffee is not to be missed when in Pontian Kechil. From selection of coffee beans to roasting, Kheng Guan Hiong manages it all themselves using their own traditional ways for over 70 years.

Ordering the Hainanese-style traditional breakfast set at the coffee shop is the best way to try both their aromatic coffee and charcoal-grilled toasts with two tasty soft-boiled eggs.

Kheng Guan Hiong uses thick, soft and fresh breads for their toasts, which are lightly-grilled over charcoal. For butter and kaya toasts, the grilled bread will be spread with self-made kaya and added with butter.

The lightly-roasted breads are slightly-charred on the outside — with some charcoal aroma — and retained most of its softness inside. The butter are laid out in thick strips instead of being spread thin.

Apart from having great coffee at the coffeeshop, Kheng Guan Hiong's coffee is also available for buying home. Each pack of Kheng Guan Hiong Coffee consists of 10 sachets of ground coffee in hang-ear filters for ease of brewing at home.

Don't miss Kheng Guan Hiong's coffee when you are in Pontian Kechil or on the way to Kukup Fishing Village.


Kheng Guan Hiong Coffeeshop (琼源香咖啡店)

My Johor Pontian Taman Suraya Indah, 15, Jalan Limau Kasturi, 82000, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

6am ~ 4pm | Closed on Monday


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