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Singapore Eat: Swatow City (汕头城) Teochew Cuisine @ Bukit Batok

Swatow City (汕头城) is a Chinese restaurant located on the 2nd floor of Bukit Batok HomeTeam NS building, near Bukit Gombak Park. The restaurant serves authentic Teochew cuisine and dim sum.

The first time I dined at Swatow City was for my grandmother's birthday celebration and I was amazed by the delicious dishes — but I was unable to take decent photos of those dishes as hands were already grabbing the food before I could snap some shots. Anyway, me and my family visited the restaurant again a couple of months later to have dinner — and took nicer photos.

Swatow City (汕头城) @ Bukit Batok HomeTeam NS

Apart from the typical Chinese-style braised peanuts, crispy fried fish skins are also served as titbits.

Swatow City's menu & crispy fried fish skins

One of Swatow City's popular dishes is their roasted ducks. We had one half of a black truffle roasted duck (黑松露烤鸭). The nicely roasted duck meat has a nice black truffle aroma, and not overly-strong.

black truffle roasted duck (黑松露烤鸭)

The iced sweet and sour Kurobuta pork with lychee (冰镇黑豚咕噜肉) is actually a cold dish served with ice cubes, but it can be requested to be served hot too.

iced sweet and sour Kurobuta pork with lychee (冰镇黑豚咕噜肉)

The U.S. beef with black fungus and you tiao (鬼马炒美国肥牛) is a tasty dish with very tender beef.

U.S. beef with black fungus and you tiao (鬼马炒美国肥牛)

The Teochew-style prawn rolls (潮州虾枣) is one dish that is never missed out when dining at a Teochew restaurant.

 Teochew-style prawn rolls (潮州虾枣)

The asparagus with lily bulbs and macadamia nut (夏果鲜百合芦笋) is a unique vegetable dish that is seldom seen elsewhere.

asparagus with lily bulbs and macadamia nut (夏果鲜百合芦笋)

The sugar-coated fried yam (返沙香芋条) is fried till crispy on the outside and soft inside. The yam is eaten with crystallised sugar icing and may be a little sweet.

sugar-coated fried yam (返沙香芋条)

Swatow City has a sister branch in Toa Payoh known as Swatow Seafood Restaurant, serving similar Teochew cuisine, dim sum and wider range of seafood dishes.


2 Bukit Batok West Ave 7, #02-05 HomeTeam NS, Singapore 659003


Operating Hours:

11am to 3pm, 6pm to 10pm | Daily

Sat & Sun starts at 9am

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