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Malacca Cafe: The Stolen Cup @ Melaka Old Town (2017)

The Stolen Cup is a fairly new cafe — opened in Jan 2017 — that is located along Jonker Street of Melaka Old Town. It offers a convenient place to get out of the heat and rest our legs when visiting the historical city of Malacca.

The little cafe serves some nice coffees with croissants and is a great place for breakfast and afternoon coffee-time. Ever since it's opening, I have visited the cafe twice on two trips to Malacca. I like this little cozy cafe. And I will let the photos tell the coffee story.

First, a full frontal photo of the little cafe. It looks like a cup of coffee itself with warm lights and woody furnishings.

Shopfront of The Stolen Cup

Their barista specialty — Gula Melaka Latte (椰糖咖啡) — is highlighted on a little blackboard outside the cafe. Gula Melaka is the locally produced palm sugar and is a good replacement for sugar with a faint coconuty flavour.

Barista Specialty - Gula Melaka Latte

Although not a very big cafe, the space is just nice so there will not be too many people in the cafe and allow more room for checking out the decorations.

The Stolen Cup - closer look

First, we ordered our coffees and grabbed a table. We tried their highly-recommended Gula Melaka latte and Gula Melaka cappuccino. Yes, two different coffees in the photo below although they looked similar. The gula Melaka added nice flavour to the coffees.

Gula Melaka Latte & Cappuccino

Sip the coffee and admire their interior decorations. The walls are nicely decorated with painted wooden planks, posters and old clocks, giving it a rustic look-and-feel. The cafe plays Bossa Nova in the background.

The Stolen Cup decorations
The Stolen Cup decorations
The Stolen Cup decorations
The Stolen Cup decorations

Find a nice corner and take a photo of the coffee with the rustic background.

Coffee with rustic background

Also, toasted and crispy croissant is their main dish with various choices of fillings. It offered another great option for breakfast in the old town.

Crispy Croissant

There are take-away cups for coffee too — for people who are in a hurry or when the cafe is crowded. But I prefer to sit in the cafe with a cup of hot coffee, even if I have to go for another round around the old town and back again when it is less crowded.

Another specialty of The Stolen Cup is their Curacao coffee. Curacao is a liqueur flavoured with the dried peel of laraha citrus fruit (similar to orange) found in Curaçao, a Dutch Caribbean island. The citrus-flavoured coffee is really unique and I like it a lot.

Specialty Curacao Coffee

If you want to have the whole cafe to yourself and taking beautiful photos, go on a weekday.

Address: 21A Jalan Hang Jebat, Malacca (first site)


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