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Singapore See: World's First Floating Apple Store

On 10th September 2020, Apple opened its first retail store that sits on water to visitors. It is Apple's first floating store in the world and is here in Singapore. This floating store is called Apple Marina Bay Sands as it is located at Marina Bay Sands, the most iconic hotel in Singapore.

The retail store is like a glass orb that offers its visitors a full 360° view of the whole Marina Bay and Central Business District. It will really be a unique experience to observe the whole bay from inside the orb.

The spherical store is connected by a link bridge to the Promenade above water. Under the surface, another passageway links the orb to The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

During the COVID-19 period, as a safe-distancing measure, the link bridge is used solely for visitors exiting the store. Entry to the Apple store is via an entrance at Basement 2 of The Shoppes. As Singapore's weather can be scorching hot during the day, it makes more sense to queue inside the shopping mall.

Apple's floating store is photogenic both in the day and after the sun goes down. By 7:30pm, lightings around Marina Bay will be turned on and the store becomes the next bright spark to light up the bay.

In addition to the "durian" Esplanade, the "lotus flower" ArtScience Museum, the "curved ship" above Marina Bay Sands and the spiralling Helix Bridge, Apple threw in a "crystal ball" — you can look into it.

It is clearer to look into the store at night without all the reflections of the surroundings being pasted on the glass dome. There are potted trees in the glass orb and no walls to obstruct views, except for a huge display.

Apple Marina Bay Sands makes a new spot of interest for sightseeing and a new experience — other than Apple devices.

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