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From Singapore to Larkin Terminal in Johor, Malaysia

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Updated: 30 April 2019

How to get to Larkin Sentral from Singapore? It is a surprise that many Singapore travellers do not know about Larkin Sentral Bus Terminal despite having been to popular places in Malaysia several times.

Larkin Sentral is where you need to get to before going further to any states in West Malaysia from Singapore. Apart from having buses to other states to the north of Johor, Larkin Sentral also has buses to Desaru, Pontian and Muar within the Johor state.

Travelling in Malaysia, from one state to another, is easy by using the public bus network. While local bus stations serve within a particular state, intercity bus terminals connect one state or city to the others. Intercity bus/train terminals in tourist-popular cities are usually named as "Sentral" (or "Central" in English). Larkin Sentral is the intercity bus terminal in Johor whereas JB Sentral is the train terminal in Johor Bahru. There are also Melaka Sentral (bus only) and KL Sentral (bus, train & metro lines).

Surprisingly, not many Singaporeans know about Larkin Sentral — they usually take buses from Queen Street in Singapore directly to their destinations in West Malaysia. While it is convenient to book a bus in Singapore, the fare paid is actually 3 times more expensive than taking a bus in Malaysia due to the exchange rate.

When going on a budget travelling trip in West Malaysia, knowing how to get to Larkin Sentral is essential in order to save money.

PART ONE: From Singapore to Larkin Sentral

Before you go, find the best times to cross the Singapore-Johor causeway without being caught in long human queues and traffic congestion. Spending 2-6 hours at the customs during a holiday is not good planning.

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