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How to Get to Pelangi, Dai Mah Garden or Sentosa in Johor Bahru

Updated: 5 days ago

The title of this post should have been "How to get to Taman Sri Tebrau in Johor Bahru", but the name "Taman Sri Tebrau" is lesser known to non-locals — not even to Singaporeans who frequent the food havens there.

The three commonly known spots to Singaporeans are Pelangi, Dai Mah Garden (大马花园) and Sentosa. They are popular eating and shopping places among Singapore visitors and are just next to one another in Taman Sri Tebrau and the adjacent Taman Sentosa.

Walking between any of the three spots will probably take about 10 minutes. If you check the map at the end of this post, you will see that Taman Sri Tebrau is pretty near to KSL City Mall.

The Bus Services

If you are heading to Dai Mah, Pelangi or Sentosa from JB Sentral, go to the bus terminal on the ground floor and take Service 39, 208 or 227. The services are operated by several bus companies. They are usually in the bus bays closer to the lifts and elevators between JB Sentral and Johor Bahru Immigrations.

Getting to Pelangi from JB Sentral

Alight at the first or second bus stop depending on where you are heading to. Plaza Pelangi is situated directly opposite the second bus stop.

The fare is RM1.30 for all services. Inform the bus drivers you are going to "Pelangi", do not say "Taman Sri Tebrau", they will misunderstand that you are going to Taman Desa Tebrau, where Tebrau City and IKEA Tebrau are located, which is 20 minutes away.

Note: The distance between JB Sentral and the first bus stop is about 2 kilometres, don't think that it is very near and start walking. Also, the official bus stops are in red with blue rooftops. Bus drivers may make unofficial stops to drop locals off, do not count those stops. It will be better to use landmarks instead of counting the stops.

Getting to Dai Mah Garden from JB Sentral

Alight at the third bus stop, right in front of Crystal Crown Hotel, and cross the road using the pedestrian bridge with a huge but blank signboard. The area behind the rows of shophouses is popular for having lots of eating places, especially Dai Mah Garden (大马花园), which opens for business around 5pm.

If counting the bus stops or looking out for the big signboard seems difficult, just ring the bell and alight after the stop at Plaza Pelangi — the plaza is a big and newly-renovated shopping centre that can't be missed.

The fare is also RM1.30.

Getting to Sentosa from JB Sentral

Alight at the 4th or 5th bus stop and cross the road (called Tebrau highway) to Plaza Sentosa for shopping and more eating places nearby. It will be easier to cross the road using the pedestrian bridge at the 5th bus stop but the bridge stank of urine sometimes. However, crossing the highway without using the bridge may not be easy, especially if alighting at the 4th bus stop.

The fare is still RM1.30.

Alternatively, alight at the stop for Dai Mah Garden and walk over to Sentosa.

Getting to Taman Sri Tebrau from KSL City Mall

Take Causeway Link Bus Service F100 to KSL City Mall from JB Sentral and walk over to Taman Sri Tebrau — it's about 600m to Dai Mah Garden. Service F100's fare is RM1.50.

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Getting Back

Going back to JB Sentral is really easy — just hop onto any public buses at any of the bus stops opposite Crystal Crown Hotel. All buses on the Tebrau Highway that pass through Taman Sri Tebrau are heading for JB Sentral. The fare is RM1.30.

IMPORTANT: Most public bus services in Johor Bahru end the day at around 8pm. It will be safer to get on any buses at the bus stop back to JB Sentral latest by 7:30pm. If you really missed the last bus, walk to KSL City Mall and take the shuttle bus service F100 (last bus is at 10pm). Another option would be to use Grab cabs.

Find all mentioned locations on our Google Map and do take note of the bus stops for Taman Sri Tebrau.

By the way, if you are heading to IKEA Tebrau or Aeon Tebrau City in Taman Desa Tebrau, you will pass by Taman Sri Tebrau along Tebrau Highway to Jalan Pandan. Although "Tebrau" is in the names of the two locations, they are about 20 minutes' drive apart. Bus 227 is the only bus service to both locations from JB Sentral.

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