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Bus Guide: Get to Pelangi, Dai Mah Garden or Sentosa in Johor Bahru

The title of this post should have been "Get to Taman Sri Tebrau in Johor Bahru", but the name "Taman Sri Tebrau" is lesser known to non-locals — not even to Singaporeans who frequent the food havens there.

The three commonly known spots to Singaporeans are "Pelangi", "Dai Mah Garden" (大马花园) and "Sentosa". They are popular eating and shopping places among Singapore visitors and are in close proximity to one another in Taman Pelangi, Taman Sri Tebrau and Taman Sentosa.

Walking between any of the three spots will probably take about 10~15 minutes. If you check the map at the end of this post, you will see that Taman Sri Tebrau is pretty near to KSL City Mall too.

The Bus Services

If you are heading to Pelangi, Dai Mah Garden or Sentosa from JB Sentral, go to the bus terminal on the ground floor and use either of the following services:

myBAS services are operated by Causeway Link.

Getting to Pelangi

Plaza Pelangi is situated right at a road junction and is easy to spot. Alight at the bus-stop opposite the mall. The fare is RM1.20.

Getting to Dai Mah Garden

Dai Mah Garden is located in Taman Sri Tebrau. Alight at the bus-stop right in front of Crystal Crown Hotel — just one stop after Plaza Pelangi — and cross the road to the opposite side. The fare is RM1.30.

The area behind the rows of shophouses fronting the road, known as Tebrau Highway, has lots of eating places, especially Dai Mah Garden (大马花园), which opens for business around 5pm.

Getting to Sentosa

Alight at the second bus-stop after Crystal Crown Hotel and cross the road to Plaza Sentosa for shopping and more eating places nearby. The fare is RM1.30.

Alternatively, alight at the stop for Dai Mah Garden and walk over to Sentosa.

Getting to Taman Sri Tebrau from KSL City Mall

Take Causeway Link myBAS F100 to KSL City Mall from JB Sentral and walk over to Taman Sri Tebrau — it's about 600 metres to Dai Mah Garden. Service F100's fare is RM1.50.

Back to JB Sentral

Going back to JB Sentral is easy — just hop onto myBAS T11 / T13 / T20 at any of the bus-stops along Tebrau Highway going towards JB Sentral. The fare is RM1.20 from Pelangi or RM1.30 from Sentosa / Taman Sri Tebrau.

Note: myBAS services T11 / T20 have operation time till after 11pm — the last service of the day will leave their embarkation terminals at 11pm to JB Sentral. The last service of T13 will leave Larkin Sentral at 9pm.


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