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JB Cafe: Padi Kopitiam (稻香咖啡) @ Bandar Johor Bahru

Padi Kopitiam (稻香咖啡)

Padi Kopitiam (Jalan Trus branch) is located along Jalan Trus, just besides Zenith Lifestyle Centre. It is an easy short walk from KOMTAR JBCC or City Square Shopping Centre. The cafe is right besides Attrus Bed & Breakfast and is connected to the hostel — guests of Attrus B&B can enjoy discounts at the cafe.

Padi Kopitiam: Interior

The newly-renovated cafe is spacious with traditional kopitiam (coffee shop) settings — round tables with stools.

Padi Kopitiam: Interior

The inner section looks more like a modern restaurant. The two signs above the kitchen says "roti bakar" (or toast, 香烤面包) and "ground coffee" (现磨咖啡), which are two components of the coffee-toast-eggs traditional breakfast sets commonly found in Chinese coffee shops across Malaysia.

Padi Kopitiam: Modern interior

Polo buns and egg tarts are kept in the glass shelf near the counter. They looked delicious.

Padi Kopitiam: Shelf with polo buns & egg tarts

Apart from butter-kaya toast breakfast set, Padi Kopitiam also serves a wide range of local delights such as nasi lemak, mee siam, curry laksa, etc. Their specialty snacks include curry puffs, goreng pisang (crispy fried banana), fried rice cakes, popiah, etc.

Padi Kopitiam: Menu

Padi Kopitiam's two treasures (稻香二宝) are the freshly baked Padi Snowy Polo Bun (白雪菠萝包) and Crispy Mini Egg Tart (玲珑蛋挞) that are in the glass shelf. It will be cheaper to order more instead of one of each — better to go in a group. There is a third treasure, which is their freshly-roasted coffee.

Padi Kopitiam: Polo bun, egg tarts & coffee

The crispy mini egg tart is actually Portuguese egg tart with layered puff pastry. The caramelised custard melts in the mouth and not too sweet. The pastry crust is crispy and flaky.

Padi Kopitiam: Egg tart

The snowy polo bun has crispy, milk-white topping with a milky aroma.

Padi Kopitiam: Polo bun

The polo bun is ultra-soft and has cheesy filling.

Padi Kopitiam: Cut-opened Polo bun

The fried “mouse” vermicelli (炒老鼠粉) tastes like Singapore-style char kway teow and nice.

Padi Kopitiam: Fried "mouse" vermicelli

Padi Kopitiam is a great place to have local breakfast and buying polo buns and egg tarts to take home or as gifts for others.


Padi Kopitiam (稻香咖啡)

82-B1, Jalan Trus, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

8am ~ 6pm


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