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JB Eat: Wang Xiang Noodle (万香生肉面) @ Taman Sri Tebrau

Located in a unit at the end of a row of shops along Jalan Keris in Taman Sri Tebrau, Restoran Wang Xiang Noodle serves their signature pork noodles in either soup-based or dry-style with sauce. For diners who prefers rice instead of noodle, they have it too.

Each noodle or rice set costs RM10.50. Diners can choose the type of noodles (either dry kolok mee or soup-based kueh teow) or rice, with different options for sliced lean pork, meatballs, tendons, innards or a mix of them. Additional meat and vegetables can be added-on at very low prices.

Apart from the main set, various types of soup and Hakka-style yong taufu (客家酿豆腐) can also be added as side dishes.

Place your orders and the staff will prepare your dishes in no time.

Kueh teow soup (粿条汤) is one of my favourites for breakfast and lunch. Thinly-sliced meat is the most common option to add to the noodle. The lean meat are fresh, soft and very tender. The flavourful charcoal-boiled soup contains freshness of the meat that were boiled in it.

Apart from sliced meat, pig livers and intestines are other options to add to the noodle. The small intestines are nice too. Note that the chilli can be very spicy.

Dry-style kolok mee (干捞面) is served in a dark sauce that is not too sweet or salty. The add-ons are served separately in a bowl of soup.

I strongly recommend trying their delicious Hakka yong taufu. The stuffed ingredients are served in a sweet sauce. Lightly-fried yong taufu are very good, especially the binjal (eggplant) that is not mushy after cooked. The sweet sauce can be added to the dark sauce kolok mee to make it a little more tasty.

Wang Xiang Noodle is a great place to go for great kueh teow soup and delicious Hakka yong taufu.


Restoran Wang Xiang Noodle (万香生肉面)

93, Jalan Keris, Taman Sri Tebrau, 80050 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

8:30am to 5pm | Closed on Monday


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