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JB Cafe: Doi Chaang Caffes - CLOSED


All Doi Chaang Caffes in Singapore and Johor Bahru were closed during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, outlets in Selangor (including Kuala Lumpur) are still opened.

The new cafe in JB Holiday Villa is called Space Cafe. Check it out:


Doi Chaang Caffe logo

Doi Chaang Caffes serve premium Thailand Arabica coffee, one of the world's finest coffee, The coffee is grown and harvested in the village of Doi Chang, in the hills near Chiang Rai, Thailand, and roasted in Canada for international markets. Doi Chaang coffee has a nice aroma and very smooth.

Doi Chaang Coffee

There are several Doi Chaang franchise outlets throughout Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries around the world. I will highlight two outlets in Johor Bahru as they are our frequent haunts across the Singapore-Malaysia straits.

1. Doi Chaang Caffe @ Holiday Villa Hotel

Located on the ground floor of Holiday Villa Hotel, this Doi Chaang outlet is next to the hotel's lobby. The corner cafe has always been our favourite hangout for afternoon breaks with coffees and cakes whenever we are in the KSL City Mall vicinity. Check out the cozy little cafe.

Doi Chaang Caffe @ Holiday Villa Hotel

On a wall are some posters that tell Doi Chaang's coffee story. One of the poster shows the late Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej in the Golden Triangle to encourage the growing of coffee as cash crop to replace opium crops. And that was how Thailand's premium Arabica coffee plantation was born.

Doi Chaang Coffee Story

It's time for coffees and cakes. The coffees are smooth and not very bitter, so there is no need for sugar. Pairing with cakes is a perfect way to go with unsweetened coffees. Below are some of our coffee sessions with different cakes to go with.

Coffee with Black Forest

The azuki matcha cake (top-right) is one of my favourite. Other cakes include tiramisu, black forest, walnut cake, Americano cheesecake, etc.

2. Doi Chaang Caffe @ City Square JB

This Doi Chaang outlet is located on the 4th floor of City Square JB. While the coffee menu is the same for all Doi Chaang outlets, the cakes are different. The City Square outlet serves mostly mille crepe cakes and rainbow cakes at times. This is where we will go for coffee when we are in City Square.

Doi Chaang Caffe @ City Square JB

The cafe is open concept with a high table that looks at the inside of the shopping mall. There are also the usual coffee tables and mini-sofa seats for customers to choose their preferred sitting.

Open concept cafe

My usual cup of cappuccino at Doi Chaang. My morning preference is usually double-shot espresso or thick-black local coffee, but I will go for cappuccino in the afternoon for the foamy art and lesser caffeine.

The matcha crepe cake (bottom-left) that I had on several occasions to go with my coffees. I had tried almost all the different types of mille crepe cakes at this outlet. And a variety of other orders, such as rainbow cake, waffles, cheesecakes and more crepe cakes.

My Cappuccino

Hot cappuccino has always been my favourite in the afternoon — even better with lower caffeine. One of the fun things to do with cappuccino is not to stir the milky foam into the coffee but try to keep the drawing intact until the very last sip. Just a little game of mine while enjoying coffee.

Coffee art remains after finishing drink

So, the next time you are in Johor Bahru, make time for a cup of Doi Chaang coffee.


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